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Maid Service, Please

Happy Thursday everyone! I am really happy it’s almost the weekend and can’t wait for it to get here. We have a busy next few days here in the Brownfield household. My Mother-in-Law is coming to visit for two weeks on Friday.! I am excited because she will be the first person to stay in the new house. Most people would cringe at the thought of their Mother-in-Law visiting for two weeks, but mine is like a good friend and we get along well. As well as my MIL coming to visit, my husband’s work is having a company picnic on Saturday and we are excited to go. I’m not gonna pass up free food, bring on the potato salad!

My Mother-in-Law, Elaine!

With Elaine’s visit only a day and a half away, I am starting to panic a little. Since we are still settling in, the house is such a mess. I keep trying to clean as I go, but I LOATHE house work. On Wednesday, I got the hall bathroom cleaned minus the floor and I put away the rest of the laundry and towels that were staring me in the face. I also cleaned our bath tub and shower since it seems to get dirty very fast! I had plans to do more, but mother nature paid me a visit and that stopped me in my tracks. Once the hubby came home we moved all the plastic tubs and unpacked boxes out of one of the bedrooms and put it in the other room, so we could make a place for Elaine to sleep.
Buddy says "I'll help fold the laundry!" 
Dinner was next on the list and we had yummy fajitas! I had put off cleaning the kitchen till morning because it is my least favorite of all things to clean. I love to cook, but hate cleaning the mess. When we were kids growing up, there was a rule in the kitchen; if you cooked the meal, you didn’t have to clean the kitchen. Needless to say, I did a lot of the cooking! Now I don’t have a choice, I cook, I clean. Boo!

The rest of the house will get cleaned sometime today, but I wish I could snap my fingers and a maid would appear. My list is growing today, but I wish I could sit still and watch a movie. I need to get my buns out of this chair and get off the computer, run to the store and stock up on some good coupon deals and keep on keeping on!
Our House!

Hey…Pst…I’m pretty new at couponing, but I did manage to find a few good deals this week that I thought I’d share with you all.

If you got a Sunday paper, and were lucky enough to get all of the inserts (sometimes people are greedy and steal the inserts out of all the papers) there are some good deals.

If you got the coupons for $3.00 off one any size bag of Iams Dog Food at Walmart only, you can use that coupon and buy the small bag of proactive health, mini chunks for $5.98 minus the $3.00 off, you’ll pay $2.98 plus tax.

So $3/1 Iams @ $5.98= $2.98

Also in the Sunday paper, there was an awesome P&G insert with amazing coupons in it. Take the $4.00 off Fusion Pro Glide coupon and head to Walgreens. Fusion Pro Glide razors are on sale for $9.89, use $ 4.00 pay $5.89. You’ll also get $5.00 register rewards so it’s like paying .89 cents.

So $4/1 Pro Glide @ $9.98=$5.98
$5.00 register rewards, like paying .89 cents
*Register rewards can only be used on your next purchase.

Tide is also on sale at Walgreens for $6.49, use the $5.00 register rewards and get the Tide for $1.49. If you use register rewards, you must purchase separate from the razors since register rewards are good on your next purchase only.

So $5.00 register rewards/1 Tide @ $6.49= $1.49

*Get all three for around $10.45 plus tax!
*Coupons can be regional, so please don't get upset if you didn't get these coupon deals



  1. Great deals! Enjoy your inlaws!

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  2. That's great that you get along with your MIL. There are so many MIL horror stories out there! Mine pretty much stays away. We only see her at the big holidays. Enjoy her visit!
    New follower from the hop.
    Ro :)
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