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Itzbeen Review and Giveaway

First time parents can certainly be overwhelmed when when they first bring their new baby home from the hospital. I know we were! While you're still in the hospital, the nurses and your partner stay on top of things and give you work sheets, helping you to remember the last time your newborn was fed, changed, slept, etc. Once you're home, then it's bye bye nurses, back to work for your spouse, and there you are- trying desperately to rely on your instincts and common sense to meet your baby's basic care needs. If only there were something that could help keep new moms sane while helping them keep track of all of this!

Well, there is! Meet the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer! This handy little device is the answer to many new parents prayers! Itzbeen was created by two parents who were sleep deprived and trying to remember the last time their baby was fed, changed, etc. They tried sheets and journals, and like many parents, just thought there had to be a better way to keep track of it all and stay sane. So, they came up with a really neat four in one timer, which helped them to remember when they next needed to feed, change, put baby down for a nap, etc.

The Itzbeen has some really cool features, such as:

Optional Timer Alarms, which allow you to set a soft reminder alarm for each timer. When the time limit is reached, the alarm sounds and the button softly lights up.

Back Clip- makes the Itzbeen portable whether you're at home, or on the go.

Soft Glow Night Light- helps you find your way in the dark.

One Touch Timers that display how long it's been since a feeding, changing, nap time, and more!

Nursing Reminder- helps mom to remember which side she last nursed from.

I wish we'd had this in our house when we first brought Balian home. It would have made things a lot easier on me. I still use it, even though Balian is an older baby. It's especially great for me to use on Sunday mornings when we're really rushed, and we spend the entire morning at church. It helps me keep track of when he last nursed, and when I changed him, and I can leave it with the nursery volunteer when I drop Balian off. It's also a great help to leave this timer with a babysitter, so they'll know exactly when baby needs to be fed, changed, hit the sack, etc. It's an awesome tool for any parent- new or experienced! I'm so glad that we have one of these, and I know I'll get even more use out of it when we eventually have another baby.

All in all, I love this timer! I would recommend it to my friends, and think that it would make a wonderful baby shower gift... especially if it's a couple's shower... this one would be awesome for the daddy-to-be! The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is going on my Mommy Must Haves list, and absolutely gets my Mommy Stamp of Approval.

Want It? Buy It!
You can purchase the Izbeen Baby Care Timer at a variety of retail stores! We first spotted it at Babies R Us while creating our registry!

Want It? WIN IT!
Paul at Itzbeen is generously giving away one of the Itzbeen Baby Care Timers to one lucky Mommy Blog follower!

Giveaway Rules:
*Open to US residents, only.
*Must FOLLOW this blog.
*Must comment on this post: Tell us what you like about this timer.
(Be sure to leave your e-mail address w/your post!)

Extra Entries (1 extra entry per...)
(must include in your entry post that you did these in order for them to count):
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Giveaway closes at midnight on June 27th.
Winner will be selected via Random.org on June 28th and announced on the blog and on our Facebook page. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize.

Special thanks to Itzbeen for offering this giveaway!
Good luck, everyone! :)

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product for review directly from the featured company. I was not compensated in any way for facilitating this review. My opinions are expressly my own, and your experience with this product may differ.


  1. I follow via GFC and like Itzbeen on Facebook (Danielle Knapp).

    My favorite thing about it is all of the different timers you can set, especially the breastfeeding one.

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  2. I LOVE This. I read about it when my daughter was born, but wound up getting just a nursing app on my phone because it was cheaper. This would be great for our next baby and for the tailend of this one! Especially for the breastfeeding aspect.

    (liked itzbeen on fb and follow you on google connect)


  3. I had one of these for my son and LOVED it. I gave it to a friend who had a baby. Now I need a new one!



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