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Mommy's Make Up Bag: Issue 1

So, I've decided to start doing these cute little postlets on MUST HAVE items for busy mommas. I'll start with a make up bag item, because I am over the moon about this new product. Avon Rep Brittany Brownfield was kind enough to send me some samples of the new Magic X Face Perfector. I was super excited to receive it and try it!

I used to spend anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes applying my make up each morning. I built that time into my morning routine, and enjoyed it! Now that Balian is in my life, I am always struggling to get my teeth brushed at a decent hour, let alone have a minute to put some make up on, and heck- some days, it just doesn't happen (that make up, that is... I always make sure to brush my teeth!). Fortunately, I can go without make up if I have to... but my main problem has always been excess oil. Seriously, I could be coated with oil on my forehead not twenty minutes after washing my face (thank goodness pregnancy changed that!)! It's embarrassing, and I hate having to powder my face every half hour... who has that kind of time!? My Avon rep told me about this new product that Avon was coming out with, and encouraged me to give it a try:

Magic X Face Perfector

A magical air-light gel-powder colorless formula that makes all skin tones look flawless... invisible coverage; instant perfection. Banish shine up to 10 hours. Apply evenly before sun exposure or as needed. 
1 fl. oz. 

This is a beauty bag MUST! Mommy or not, every gal needs this secret weapon as her best pal! Now that I've been using it for a few days, I can honestly say that it keeps me shine free ALL DAY! Make up or no make up, this thing works!! I took Balian for a walk yesterday in 80 degree afternoon heat, got all sweaty, but my make up stayed perfectly intact! I've been wearing it all day today with no make up on, and my skin looks and feels fantastic, and has remained shine free ALL DAY!

I give this product ***** FIVE STARS! I have pretty much exhausted my supply of samples, so I am putting my Avon order in for this product right now! Wanna give it a try? What are you waiting for? Get Yours! It's on sale right now for $7.99!!

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