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Costume Squad T-Shirt Review

Our friends over at Costume Squad also let me choose a T-Shirt from their site to try out. I did scroll through some of their other categories. The costumes aren't for me, but who knows- they may be right up your alley. They also have pretty cute costumes for dogs! They have lot's of girls t-shirts, though.

I chose a T-Shirt that I actually first saw on a onesie, that I thought would be super cute for Balian! They had it in an adult sized T, and it's cute for us mommies, too. I picked the Dinosaurs Are Cool shirt, because Balian is all about dinosaurs right now. Heck, I'm even starting to plan his dino-themed first birthday party (yes, which I realize is still 6 months away). This shirt is pretty fitted, so if you have a small frame, I'd suggest you go with a medium. The T-Shirt is in the Girls T-Shirts category.

Thanks for the shirt, Costume Squad!

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