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Sick Babies Are No Fun!

Hey there and hello to all of our friends and family! It's been a while since our last post, but that is mainly due to to the fact that we have been very busy, and poor Balian has been sick with a nasty cold for about a week, now. It sure isn't fun when little babes are sick... since there really isn't much of anything you can do for them when they have a cold. B was only running a slight fever one day last week. He's mostly been very congested- hates the aspirator some of the time, and then sometimes he thinks it's a game! He bats at it when it comes toward him, and then when we finally get it to his nose, he just looks at us and smiles. Such a silly boy! Balian is growing so quickly that he's graduated up to his 6-9 mo jammies- can't believe he'll be 6 months old in just a couple of weeks. He's on his way to crawling and being quite the little trouble maker!

At the moment, I am trying to catch up on a few things between church responsibilities and my Celebrating Home business. Balian is having a marvelous time sitting in his swing, watching his Classical Baby DVD. Moms, if you haven't seen it, it is a definite must have for your LO's! Balian loves the music, and all of the colorful characters of the DVD. 'The Cow Song' happens to be his favorite... I'm not sure which he loves more, Puccini or the singing cow- I'm guessing the cow!

HBO's Classical Baby: The Music Show

Balian has also mastered saying 'da-da' this week. It's what we wake up to every morning, and we love to hear it! Balian will be getting his first big boy highchair next week from his G.G., so we're excited about that! The poor thing has pretty much been stuck at home since he became sick last week, so since he's feeling better today, we'll venture out to dinner at church this evening and then stay for the thirty minutes Vespers service. Last week, he babbled all through the service, so we'll see how it goes tonight! :)

For those of you who are wanting more and more giveaways, they're coming! I have a post to enter about a new contest I am running on my Facebook page, and there is a new Avon contest soon to come, so be on the lookout for those! Also, our preferred Avon Rep is giving away free lipgloss samples on her FB page to the first 10 people who message her! Don't miss out and be sure to 'like' her page!
And for my freebie-lovin' momma's, you need to head on over to Start Sampling and sign up for their showcase box of samples. If you qualify, you'll get a box of samples mailed directly to your door. I signed up for mine yesterday! There are also other free samples listed on the site that you can sign up for right away!

A couple of other sample/savings sites you should check out are:

I'll try to post as many awesome finds on here as I can. All of us mommas and friends of mommas deserve a break! :) Btw- I don't get TLC, but I am so excited about this new show about Extreme Couponing and they have some great tips on their page!

Okay- that's the news for now. We'll check back in with you soon!
Lot's of love from the Witts!

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