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Closing the Maryland Chapter

Family, friends and faithful readers... this is our last official blog post from Maryland. Strangely (and I mean so strangely), I've had mixed feelings about leaving this place since last week. Makes sense- we've spent the past 20-ish months of our lives here. Sacha's had a wonderful educational experience here, has had opportunities for playing and networking, etc. We've had an adventure or two here or there, survived a monster snowstorm (or two!), and conceived this precious little bean we're all so eager to meet (just not too early). We've had great visits with family, and have experienced as much as the area has to offer that we've been able to manage. This is the place where we've been on our own- just the two of since since being married. Thanks for having us, Maryland...we will certainly miss certain things about you.

So, I'll be coming to you next week from the new house. I have a busy schedule that I'll delve right into next week (aside from unpacking and setting up house), and I'm thrilled about that. Sacha and I will both be so happy to be back in worship on a regular basis at St. John's and are looking forward to whatever the summer months bring us.

Not to disappoint, I thought I'd just share a few random pics that I've taken over the past week or so. I'll try to document moving the best I can...since I won't be any help with moving boxes or much else (can't even go into the bathroom b/c it smells like bleach...dang cleaners).

 So- these first two pics are of things for the baby's room. We're going with a Noah's Ark theme. The third pic is a squirrel climbing on our window screen (just thought it was funny), the next one is an explosion of boxes and stuff, then we have our bare walls, and then there's the baby bump at 19 weeks:

And this is what stressed and pregnant looks like at 19 weeks. :)

Until next time y'all... Xxxx

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