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Oh, Baby!

Well, by now everyone knows that we're expecting a baby! :) Little 'LB' is expected to arrive on, before or after October 5th. If s/he does happen to be born on October 5th, s/he'll share a birthday with Connor! October is a big family and friends birthday month...so why not add another one?

Sacha and I are thrilled, of course. We found out on February 11, just after we had been trapped inside for days from the gigantic winter snow storm that hit DC! We had a wonderful appt. with our OB in Salisbury- Dr. Pitson seemed so pleased by how good our little bean looked. We were expecting to see a blurry little spot from the ultrasound, but this is what we got:

...baby Witt looks like a baby! Here s/he is at 11 weeks. We just moved into the second trimester this week, which means we're on week 14! I am starting to feel much more energized, and am even sprouting a little bump. I'll head back to Salisbury for my next appt. on April 14th. I'm excited to see how much s/he has grown and hopefully hear the heartbeat.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday- I'll update a little more then, and will hopefully have some pics of Sacha playing at the army base to share!


So excited! Sacha looks nervous. :)

Aye, it be true!

And not that anyone really wants to see the belly, but just in case anyone's curious...here we are at about 12 1/2 weeks. I had to take it myself. :/

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