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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Ah...the sweet feeling of lightness and weightlessness! That's right- after not having had a hair cut in well over a year, I finally got it cut yesterday! Okay- so it's nothing major, but to some people, saying goodbye to two inches of hair is a big deal. Alright, it wasn't a big deal to me at all. After not having straightened my hair in who knows how long, I decided to straighten it yesterday...just to see how long it had gotten. You can't really tell how long it is when it's curly. I was flabbergasted! It was long- WAY TOO LONG! So, we scooted up to Arundel Mills and I got it cut...it's the only place I trust around here. I don't have $60 to spend on a great hair cut, and Hair Cuttery seems to screw my hair up EVERY TIME I GO THERE! So, Master Cuts it is from now on. No - it's nothing awesome or spectacular, but it makes me feel better...and anything that makes a pregnant gal feel better about herself is well worth it in my book.

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