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Feelin' Bumpy...

Well, since this whole pregnancy thing is very new to me, I've definitely had that 'Is there anything in there?' feeling. I mean...we've all seen the ultrasound, so yeah...I know someONE is in there. Some days I feel preggo and some days, not so much. A couple of weeks ago, a definite bump began to emerge, and is continuing to grow. That's a great feeling- because it leaves us KNOWING that baby 'LB' Witt is growing. I have a check up with my O.B. in Salisbury next week, and am looking forward it. Who thought that going to the OBGYN would ever be this exciting!? I wish Sacha could be there with me, but he has to stay here in MD, as his work and school schedule begins to wind down. I'll have my momma with me at my appt., though...and that makes me happy- probably makes her ecstatic! Here are a couple of pictures of our little 'bumpy' from last week:

Yeah, and please completely ignore my face.

Bumpy from the side...

We're gearing up for an exciting long weekend. Sacha's big graduate recital is coming up on Monday, April 12th, and we'll have family here for that. Richard, Ted, Velma, Gretchen, Heidi and Diane are all coming to the recital and to spend some time with us. I'm sure we'll have a great weekend visiting, sightseeing in DC, yummy food, and listening to Sacha's performance. We're all so proud of him- he works so hard between school and work...I love that man. :) I'll be sure to take lot's of pictures and post an update next week sometime- though I have a feeling I'll be mighty busy! More later. Stay tuned...

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