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Baby Love

I couldn't resist posting this, because it's all just so darn cute! Richard came by last night to visit and take us out to dinner. He came with flowers and a gift for little 'LB' in hand. BTW- we're calling baby Witt 'LB' for a few more weeks...until we know the gender. 'L' is for Lillian, and 'B' is for Balian. Anyway, Candy made this adorable stuffed bunny for 'LB' and bunny came along with a copy of The Tale of Peter Rabbit

It's amazing how you can love someone you've never even met SO much! We're definitely all filled up with baby love. :) Mom found the fabric she was looking for to make 'LB's' Noah's Ark quilt.  The baby's room is a very light sage green color (already painted that color in the new rental house in Salisbury), so we figured we'd play on that with green, brown and pastel accents...and a few Noah's Ark things here and there. Can't wait to get moved into the new house and decorate the nursery. Counting down the days- it won't be much longer!

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