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It's always great to catch up with pals...esp. when life is as hectic as it's been for the past couple of weeks. We're no longer snowed in- hallelujah! I know- it's Lent, and 'hallelujah's' aren't really allowed right now, but I say it's definitely called for. We've actually been able to get out of the apt. a few times since late last week- Thursday-ish, to be exact. Haven't seen much of Sacha- he's such a super husband... he's been going non-stop between school and work. He had to work on Valentine's Day- so that was a bummer, but we got an awesome present, which we'll get to enjoy always. More on that another time. Sacha had to pick up an extra rehearsal this week, since campus was shut down all of last week. He's been gearing up for his recital coming up on April 12th. Graduation is so close we can almost taste it!!! Oh- and graduation means we get to move back home to Salisbury and resume normal lives...sort of. Back to Sacha's schedule- he has a concert this Friday and Saturday. Like I said- busy. Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze in a little time together on Friday. Oh- we did have fun picking out some new sheets on Wednesday afternoon. Delicious 650 hotel grade sateen...probably the nicest sheets we will ever own. We had to get new sheets...for some reason, the dryer decided to eat our fitted sheet (NOT NICE!). It tattered it, and since we were snowed in, we slept on it and the little tatters threaded and pulled apart, and after wallering around in the bed night after night...b/c neither one of us can ever stay still- the little patches became big rips and holes! So, alas...new sheets, and they are glorious. 

So, like I said about catching up with friends. I received a call from a friend today, and it was a great surprise! She called to remind me about a fond Valentine's Day memory she had...how nice it was to think back to the days of high school and smile. I'd love to catch up with friends more often- you'd think it's be easy with Facebook and the like, but the truth is, we don't ever see each other, so that makes it hard. 

We're gearing up for a trip to Salisbury in March for a few days and can't wait to see family. It's sure to be an eventful trip. Hopefully, we'll keep on surviving the way we know how until 'vacation' gets here. Counting down the days...

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