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Help Kids (and Adults) Process the Pandemic with "When We Stayed Home"

 Thank you to Independent Publisher Group for sending me an advance copy of the new children's book "When We Stayed Home" to review and promote.

Heeeey, remember the pandemic? Overall, we don't want to bring up that subject much these days because thankfully, it seems the worst is behind us and it was not a fun experience for anyone. Even so, there may be some among us that are still working on processing "what happened" and why we had to do what we did during the national lockdowns and quarantine mandates. The good news is, there is a new book for children (and adults) that addresses just this topic and is a great tool to help anyone process our collective pandemic experience.


"When We Stayed Home" is a special book written by Tara Fass, LMFT and Judith A. Proffer that offers a comforting and realistic look at what it was like to stay home during the pandemic for many of us. Sometimes, processing trauma can be as simple as telling a story about what happened. 

The authors describe those that stayed home and who wore masks as "super helpers" because it was an important part of figuring out how to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. The book talks about how hard it was for everyone to miss their loved ones and miss out on school and other fun group activities. 

The authors talk about what kinds of activities we might have done when we stayed home, like baking cookies, doing art projects, video calls with family and friends, and homeschool. 

"When We Stayed Home" is a very relatable story that gives a great big-picture view of what it looked like and felt like to go through the recent pandemic for all of those who had to stay home and change their daily routines. It is a great tool for parents, teachers, and therapists who are looking for a way to talk about our experiences during the pandemic and assist children and even adults process their feelings about what happened. 

Want It? Get It!

Be sure to get a copy of “When We Stayed Home” for your family and one to share with a friend! Find it on Amazon here!

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