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Learn How Weed Delivery in Scarborough is No More a Dream


The legalization of weed in Canada has significantly benefited weed users. They now have easy access to weed. You can buy weed for recreational or medicinal use. In October 2018, the use, purchase, and possession of marijuana were made legal. 

For Toronto residents living in  Scarborough, getting weed delivered to their doorstep is no longer a dream; in fact, it's as easy as ordering pizza. You just want to make sure you’re using the service of industry leaders such as Black Rabbit for the best quality weed. With many weed delivery services coming up, make sure to choose one that is licensed, has reasonable prices, is reputable, and operates in your area. 

From a dream to reality, here’s why you should order weed online in Scarborough. 

Why Use Weed delivery Services in Scarborough

  1. It is cheaper

Most online dispensaries offer a 20 percent discount to their customers on their first order. With time you will also get loyalty discounts and coupons. Some sellers even give free delivery when you make orders above a specific price. 

Since online retailers don’t pay rent or have many employees, it's possible to keep margins low which allows them to offer products at affordable prices.

Besides, you will also save money you would have spent traveling to the dispensary. 

  1. Transparency

Reputable weed delivery services sell cannabis third-party lab tested weed. That means the quality and effectiveness is guaranteed. They also provide all the information about their products, such as the source and their contents, on their websites. 


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  1. Wide Range of Products

Dispensaries in Scarborough offer a wide variety of cannabis products. From smokables, vape pens, edibles, CBD oils to creams and lotions, there is a wide range of products to choose from. In addition, same-day weed delivery can bring you fresh edibles allowing you to enjoy the most effects. 

When buying online, you can find many unique products to explore, unlike when buying in person. Simply browse through the websites of different sellers and choose the product you need.

  1. It is Convenient

When you are too busy to go to the dispensary to get weed, weed delivery services come in handy. You can make your order while doing your chores. Besides, weed delivery allows you to make your purchase 24/7, and you can get your weed at any time of the day.

  1. It is Discreet 

The chances of running into somebody you don’t want to know you are using weed are high when you buy from a physical dispensary. Using weed delivery services guarantees your privacy. In addition, many companies use vehicles that are not branded to protect you from nosy neighbors.

  1. Easier for Ailing People

People who are immobile or in pain and can’t physically access a dispensary can use weed delivery services to get their medical marijuana prescriptions. If you have social anxiety and can’t deal with people, you can get your source of relief delivered to your house. People who are more vulnerable to the coronavirus can also stay in the safety of their homes and have their weed brought to them.

Cannabis Laws in Scarborough

Cannabis laws seek to keep weed from children, keep criminals out of business and help protect your health and safety. Here are some regulations you need to know to buy and use cannabis in Scarborough.

  • Minimum Legal Consumption Age

You must be at least 19 years of age to be allowed to buy, use and possess both recreational and medical cannabis. Giving weed to minors is a serious criminal offense.

  • Legal Allowable Quantity

You are limited to 30 grams of weed at any one time. That is the maximum amount you are allowed to buy, carry and use. For medical marijuana, you are allowed to have up to 150 grams which is 30 times the daily prescription.

  • Permitted Places for Consumption 

You can use weed in your private residence, including your backyard. However, landlords can ban the use of cannabis at their premises. You can also use weed in public places such as sidewalks and parks as well as designated hotels, provided it doesn't interfere with the public. 


Image source: Unsplash.com

  • Restriction on Promotion and Enticement

The government prohibits the packaging and labeling of cannabis products in a way that is appealing to the youth. Cannabis promotion is also heavily restricted in mainstream media. 


Weed delivery services are gaining popularity in Scarborough. Today, you can buy weed in various legal forms like dried flowers that can be smoked, edibles, hashish made from the resin of the cannabis plant, tinctures, and topicals.

Most important, you can now order your weed to be delivered to where you are. With easy access to cannabis, users need to use it responsibly to avoid putting their health or other people’s lives at risk. Also, make sure to talk to your doctor before you start using cannabis for medical reasons. 





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