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4 Cannabis Shopping Tips for Newbies


If you are new to purchasing marijuana, you might find the whole experience daunting. Even in areas where cannabis is completely legal to purchase, people still feel extremely nervous about buying the product. Considering weed was illegal for such a long time, it is no wonder people feel anxious about buying it. 

However, long gone are the days where a person has to meet up with a criminal to purchase cannabis. In Canada and 11 states in America where cannabis is legal for recreational use, there are legal weed dispensaries, like Canna Cabana, in most towns and cities. You don’t have to have worries about the authorities finding your stash with these relaxed laws. Even though most marijuana dispensaries are very welcoming, and run by professionals in the trade, many do still worry. 

The other issue most “newbies” face is trying to understand the different cannabis products available on the market. If you have ever been into a physical dispensary, chances are you found the whole system complicated. Cannabis menus with words like “Sativa” or “Indica” can make the experience extremely confusing. Although it might seem hard to get your head around, it's not as confusing as you think. 

  1. Ask a Budtender for Advice

Each dispensary employs budtenders. These individuals seem to know almost everything there is to know about the marijuana industry. A good budtender will be able to describe to you exactly what effect each product in the shop will do to you. They normally have excellent customer service and have an abundance of information on marijuana for both experienced and new cannabis users. 

When you are at your local dispensary, don’t be afraid to ask a budtender for help. Explain why you are buying weed in the first place and what you want to benefit from using it. If you have issues falling asleep at night ask them what weed you should purchase, if you have back problems, they will be able to source weed that helps treat pain. Whatever reason that you want to consume weed, the more information you give to the budtender the easier it will be for them to choose the right product. 

  1. Order Weed Online

Although the sale of weed online is not available in some states in America, even in states that it is legal to purchase marijuana since the pandemic most dispensaries are trying to make it legal in different locations. Since Covid-19 spread around the globe, experts have been advising us to stay indoors and only leave the house for essential items. In areas like California, cannabis has been classed as an essential item, so people can go to their local marijuana dispensary. However, many people prefer to purchase their cannabis online during the pandemic instead. It is a much safer option to purchase weed from the comfort of your own home with the number of Covid cases there are at the moment. 

For those new to buying weed, ordering cannabis products online might prove to be a better option in comparison to going to a physical dispensary. Sometimes, people feel rushed in a physical cannabis store. They tend to forget what questions they wanted to ask the budtender, and sometimes leave the store with cannabis products they didn’t really want to purchase. 

When buying weed online, you can shop for cannabis at your own pace. Each site will display the different strains they have available on their site and you can easily do your own research. There is lots of content uploaded to streaming platforms like YouTube and there are countless sites and forums on major search engines with information on different cannabis products available. Any query you have about cannabis, you are sure to find the answer on the web. 

  1. Understand the Difference Between Sativa and Indica

The two main types of marijuana plants are known as Indica and Sativa. Even if you don’t ever plan on growing weed plants yourself, understanding the difference between these two plants will prove beneficial when purchasing weed. Each strain of cannabis gives the user a different effect on both their mind and their body. Different strains are used to treat different health issues too, so understanding the basics between either strain will help guide you to finding the cannabis product that is best for you. 


  • Sativa plants originate from warm countries. They can be found growing outdoors in countries like Thailand, Laos, and Mexico. 

  • Size: Sativa plants grow tall and have thin branches and thin leaves. The problem with these plants is that many people find it difficult to grow them indoors because they can get extremely tall. 

  • Cultivation: Most Sativa plants flower between 60 to 90 days. 

  • People use weed from the Sativa strain for a number of reasons including the following: Boost creativity, give them an uplifting feeling, reduce nausea, increase appetite, fights depression, increases sense of well-being.


  • Indica plants grow in colder climates. Indica plants grow outdoors in areas in central Asia and India. 

  • Size: Unlike the Sativa plant, these plants don’t grow very tall. They are short, sturdy plants with very thick cannabis leaves. Because these plants are small, they are ideal for growing indoors. 

  • Cultivation: Some Indica plants will flower at 45 days, while others can take up to 60 days. 

  • Bud from Indica plants can give a person relief from aches and pains, it can help a person sleep so it is great for those suffering from insomnia and it can help reduce both anxiety and stress. 

If you can’t remember the difference between each strain, the budtender in the store should be able to explain to you all the details. Sometimes in a dispensary, the menu will have separated Sativa strains and the Indica strains from each other. Also, some will display the effects of each strain, so don’t worry if you forget the difference.

  1. Check out the Buyers Reviews Online 

People use the world wide web to check reviews on everything these days. If you want to go to a hotel or a restaurant, it seems like most of us go online to scope the place out before we spend our hard-earned money at that establishment. Shopping for weed is the same thing. There are plenty of forums and customer review sites online that allow customers to publish content on their experience while visiting a dispensary. For those who are new to cannabis, this could prove to be very valuable and helpful information. It helps you get an understanding of what to expect from each dispensary.


Although you might be frightened going into a dispensary for the first time, keep in mind that everybody in the store was in the same position as you at some stage in their lives. This isn’t like a drug deal that you have come across in a Hollywood movie. In fact, purchasing weed from a dispensary is the complete opposite. In most dispensaries, there are like-minded people in the store, and the staff members on hand tend to make the experience extremely enjoyable. In many areas around the globe, cannabis is no longer a drug that will ruin lives, it is a product that can help improve the way people live, plus it makes a lot of money for the government.

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