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Don't Forget About Fall Car Maintenance

Aside from any road trips you may have taken during the summer months, and any prep or car maintenance that may have come along with that, you probably enjoyed a relaxed summer and low up-keep regarding your vehicle. We tend to become so enthralled with the warm and breezy summer air and hot summer sun that we go into vacation mode, and focus on taking care of the things that are right in front of us. Guess what often gets left out? You got it- our cars!

Sure, we drive them daily, and rely on them to get us on and off the road safely, but when it comes to the things we most care for during the summer, our cars are often sadly forgotten unless something major happens. One of the best ways to prevent a big, unexpected car care bill is to take care of your vehicle from day one. That includes big and small services, and yes- scheduled maintenance. There are plenty of things that you can also do on your own to help keep your car in its best possible shape. Let's take a look at some basic fall car maintenance needs that shouldn't go ignored.

1. Check your battery

This might seem like a no-brainer, but truth be told, it's often unchecked by car owners, and they wind up stuck and with a car that won't start. These types of situations can be avoided by regularly checking your car battery. Pop the hood and take a look. Check the connections and make sure everything is connected properly, and nothing is loose. If there is dirt of corrosion around the battery, it's probably time to think about replacing it. Your dealership can help you with a battery check, charge a battery for you, or change it, should it need replacing. Always make sure that you have a set of jumper cables in your trunk, just in case you ever do wind up with a dead battery.

2. Check your windshield

Before the cold weather really sets in for late fall and winter, absolutely check your windshield! Look for everything from dings and small cracks to larger issues. If a rock hit your windshield and it's cracked, you need to get it repaired or replaced before the cold sets in. Not only is there the potential for cold air to get into the vehicle, the windshield could also crack completely due to freezing temperatures, leaving an unwanted mess for you to deal with when it's way too cold outside to be messing around with car care. Most insurance companies will cover windshield repairs. If you're dealing with a crack, call your insurance agent as ask them about their policies/coverage for windshields.

3. Check and replace the windshield wipers

Did you know that windshield wipers are probably the one thing you'll change (next to oil) on your car most often? Depending on how often you use your vehicle, your windshield wipers will need to be replaced every 6 - 12 months. They can wear down quickly when they are used frequently, and fall can bring about a lot of rain, and even snow, which causes your windshield wipers to deteriorate at a faster rate. You can extend the life of your windshield wipers by using RainX products to help water bead off the windshield when it rains. You can also keep your blades in good shape by properly scraping your windshield with a scraper when there is ice or frost. Using your windshield wipers to try to remove frost or ice could cause them to break clean off. Use your car's defrost settings, and gently scrape the remaining ice or frost off with an ice-scraper.

These are very simple tips to keep your car operating smoothly as it gets cooler during the fall. Ultimately, taking excellent care of your car during the fall will help you ease through the transition to winter without headaches.

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