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10 Tips For Making Any Home More Pet Friendly

Pet ownership is among the fastest-expanding household trends, and owners must remember to make provision for their new furry friends that will be moving from the shelter and settling into a new home. With these twelve tips, you can create a pet-friendly space for your new furry friend to welcome him home and keep him safe.

The Size Of The Dog
You must remember that larger dog breeds necessitate substantial gardens or yards in addition to having admittance to areas where they can get exercise. Small and medium-sized dogs are perfectly okay to stay in homes with small yards and complexes, but a larger dog will need a more massive yard.

Being A Responsible Pet Owner
Ensure that your pets are microchipped in case of them getting out of the property somehow. Other factors include spaying of animals and preventing them from roaming the streets in some cases.

Straying Cats Or Noisy Dogs
These are among the predominant issues that pet owners have with their neighbors, particularly in sectional schemes. If you are relocating from a full title home and have a dog that is familiar with substantial yard space, moving into a complex with a tiny yard, may become a big issue for your pet.

Checking The Rules For The Complex
Even complexes that are pet-friendly have specific rules. Make sure you are familiar with them besides getting permission for your pets. A complex is entitled to force pet owners to get rid of their pets if they are a nuisance to neighbors. Check Fuzzy Rescue for more pet-related articles.

Pet Sitters And Groomers
If you’re going away, it won’t be necessary to leave your pets at a kennel since you can get a pet sitter to stay in your home and take care of them. Groomers also offer home services where they travel to you.

Purchase Your Home In A Pet-Friendly Neighborhood And Complex
If you love pets, be sure to rent or buy in a pet-friendly community that has suitable greenery and facilities for dogs.

Pet-Friendly Furnishings And Finishes
When you acquire finishes and furnishings as if you are an intended pet owner. Tiles are probably a more suitable flooring option than carpets for dogs that tend to run around a lot in central areas. Avoid white couches and train the dogs on how to behave in the house.

Allergies And Odors
Investing in a good pet vacuum is a necessity to remove all debris and hairs from the carpets, furniture, and floors regularly. Make sure the property is aired out and is free from pet odors. Food bowls, litter boxes, and water must be frequently cleaned.

A Pet-Friendly Garden
Be careful about the plants that grow in your garden since some of them can be toxic to animals, including commonly known houseplants like Philodendron, Mistletoe, and Poinsettia. Also, remember that flowers can attract lots of bees; therefore, keep the garden as pet-friendly as you can.

A Show House And Pets
When your house is placed on the market, remember to air it out and keep it clean. Not all prospective buyers are pet lovers and can be put off well to cat hairs or pet odors. It’s useful to take your pets with you on show days to permit the agent to show the property in its top condition.

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