What Made You Smile

I am working hard on finding things that make me happy.  There are so many things that frustrate me as an adult and at times I wish I could go back in time and be a kid with no worries. Life just doesn't work that way.

So with all the stressors life has been throwing at me I am working to see the positive.  Stressors are good because they allow you to know what good times are.  Stressors are good because they show progress in your life.  Stressors are good because they show all goals you are working towards completing.  Do they feel good? No, but I refuse to let stress get me down.

So what makes me smile?
My kitten, Sara
My puppy, Thor
My family- My son, my husband, and my daughter.

So stress will come with life, but it is important to make sure to smile and be grateful for the reasons that make you smile.  

Are you experiencing some of the same emotions? Are you trying to find a reason to smile when you really don't feel like you can?  Tell me what makes you happy.
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