Fabulous Friday

I work hard and typically like to just relax on the weekend... no plans, no schedule to follow,etc.  I went into this extended weekend- a 4 day weekend having no plans at all... how quickly things change.
But I will say for the good. Sometimes the best moments are the unplanned and unscheduled ones.

I am not big on fireworks and loud noises so we don't have large 4th of July parties. E was in training for his job so I spent the morning burning time so I would be in the area to pick him up when he was done.  I was excited to see Barnes and Noble would be open and since all the libraries are closed for the holiday, I figured why not go to Barnes and Noble.  This was not a smart thing to do on my own.  The bookstore is my haven and with so many good reads I really overdid it.  I blew my budget but had so much fun doing it.  Slowly but surely filling the library.

While there Vanessa and I make plans to 
meet at our Gram's house for an impromptu lunch once E is done with work. 

After a quick run to Target I head back to pick up E.  I still have an hour and a half to kill so I park in the shade to read one of my new books.  It is an amazing read and I cannot put it down.

Vanessa calls and tells me that the concert we wanted to go to is selling tickets really cheap and we should look into it.  The pros? They are a great price.  The cons? It's a show 4 hours away in 48 hours.  Here is where mom guilt comes in. We debate the tickets because we should be spending the money on the kids and not ourselves. The concert we have waited for since we were 10 and 12 is selfish and we shouldn't go.  I am getting better with the mom guilt but maybe because E is 18.  My nieces are only 7 and 11.... so what do we do?  Sometimes you have to live in the moment and realize that once in a lifetime opportunities rarely present.  I buy the tickets and call Vanessa to tell her we are going. Her excitement made it all worth it.
Reliving the preteen years with the one person who helped me through it.  

Do you have any impromptu plans happening now?
Tell me all about them.
Want to know which concert? Come see my Sunday Post.
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