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4 Personalized Present Ideas

Attending your child’s birthday parties can be an expensive undertaking. Many parents feel the pressure to be seen as having made the financial effort to buy high-quality presents. This can result in an abundance of un-personal gifts that have been purchased for the sake of it. A great way of providing a gift that feels personal and shows effort is one that has in part been created by you. 


Jewelry is one of the most aesthetically pleasing items you can put together yourself. If your child is still young, you can still create presents that are charming but age-appropriate. For example, you could make a 90s-style necklace with the birthday child’s name spelled out. Otherwise, picking out charms and stones that match their personal style will create a present that feels completely tailored to them. Finding chains, gemstones, and charms at jewelry craft sites such as alexcraft.com will also save you a trip into town. 

Homemade candle

If you want to say thank you to the hosts of the birthday party for looking after everyone, then a homemade candle makes for a thoughtful and unique present. Buying the wax, wick, and jars to make these yourself is surprisingly cheap. All you need to do is find some essential oils that you enjoy the smell of and get creating. Adding extras such as ribbon and writing their name on the jar with a glass-marker make for pretty finishing touches. You will be heating wax on a stove, however, to remember to keep children out of sight.

Hand-drawn mug

If you are looking to save money with your birthday presents, then this present is certainly a wallet-saver. All you will need is a blank mug and some ceramic pens. If you have a natural gift for drawing, this is an ideal opportunity to get creative. Writing their name in a pretty font is an easy way to create a design that is bound to be a hit and also looks attractive. If a mug doesn’t feel quite enough, fill it with candy or other birthday mementos. 

Birthday bundle

If you feel a bit uncomfortable at the prospect of bringing just one handmade item, then creating a jar or pretty bag full of small items is quite an impressive present to bring. You could even create a ‘memory bottle’ or bag: filling it with small presents to mark the occasion adds sentiment as well as creativity. You could fill it with a mixture of home-made snacks, a hand-drawn card, small bits of jewelry and then maybe a few extra small purchased items. 
It always feels as if birthday parties come in waves. You will go months without one appearing and then suddenly you will have several to buy presents for. Rather than spending endless amounts of money on flashy presents, ask yourself what you can create from your own hands. If you’re an excellent illustrator, you might be able to create a birthday card that no one else will have. 

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