The Importance of Date Night

It may sound funny, but there is something so special about dating your spouse.  When you began your journey as a couple you went on dates to spend time and learn more about each other.  Marriage comes along with children and more responsibilities that you forget that every day you should be learning about each other.

Chris and I used to argue about the importance of time just for us.  I felt guilty not including the kids as they are the most important part of us.  It wasn't until after a conversation with my mother in law, that I understood that it is important to put your husband first.  He is the one that won't be growing up to move on his own and make his own life.  Your children will.  At first I was offended, but then I  realized how true that is.  Once the kids move away do I really know my husband... the man behind the dad?

So we made changes to get one on one together.   Interestingly enough we learn about each other but also about what is beyond our own front door.  We have visited libraries, restaurants, shopping malls, and more right in our own state.  It isn't expensive to date on a budget when the other person understands the budget. 

This past week we went on a small trip to celebrate our anniversary.  It was recommended to me to try this book store/restaurant in the last town in Connecticut before Massachusetts.  Located in Union Connecticut is a restaurant called The Traveler's Restaurant.  Set in a country setting is this little restaurant that "rewards" you with free books for dining in with them.  It is inexpensive, quiet, and absolutely beautiful.  The food is amazing and the time for just the two of us is exactly what we needed too.  

How do you make time for your significant other?
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  1. The Travelers Restaurant does sound wonderful, it helps to be in a quaint, out-of-the hustle and bustle area, too.

    1. It was exactly that... out of the hustle and bustle. Great find.


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