School's Out- Forever?

Today is the day.  The day that I have waited for and dreaded for so long.  E is graduating high school today.  A month ago he turned 18 and now he is facing another rite of passage and I know I won't be able to control the waterworks. Where has the time gone?
Most of you know that E has been my whole world as I started out as a single mom.  We went through a lot together and we share a bond so strong.  In recent months I have struggled with the thought that I may lose this bond with him as he grows up. 

It has always been his dream to enlist in the military and then go to school.  I have argued and pushed to have him continue school before enlisting, because I want the world for him and don't want his options limited.  I went to college later in life and it was a struggle for me.  I want to protect him from that struggle. I think I won this argument as he is talking about school now.

In May he was honored with an award that his school does called "Super Senior" which also had me choked up.  The principals and teachers come together to honor the top 40 students in the graduating class to thank them for being responsible, good students, and for putting forth effort to be role models to other students.  He was nominated by teachers and principals along with his class valedictorian. I was so honored and amazed that the kid I raised is everything I raised him to be.  Where is that when he is home with us? 

So today I will sit in the Palace Theater and cry as I watch my baby take his diploma.  There will be a mix of sad tears as well as happy tears, because he succeeded on his own.  He will most likely be mortified at the tears, but he's my baby.

How did you make it through your child's graduation? Any advice?
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I hope you have a great weekend and make great memories.

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