Tacos any day with Prepara Taco Serving Accessories #MBPEASTER19

I am all about the pretty in the kitchen.  It says you eat first with your eyes and presentation is everything.  Thank you to our friends at Hc-PR Group for introducing us to Prepara.  In exchange for my honest review I was given samples of their product to test and review. All thoughts are my own.
Taco Tuesday, Taco Thursday or any day you feel like tacos it is nice to have the presentation match the festivities.  I love tacos, but with my family each liking their own style shell it is hard to make the plates look pretty.... that is until now. 

These taco holders are designed in such unique and beautiful designs.  The material, melamine, is solid and great quality for under $10.00.  They can hold soft taco shells, hard taco shells, and have the option for holding burritos.

Not a large turn out for your taco party?  You can get these holders in singles. 

Have you ever eaten tacos from a sit down restaurant? Did you get those metal trays that attempt to hold the tacos, but from overuse are warped and everything spills out?  I have and always end up getting more food on the table or my shirt than I care to admit.  I can promise you will not see that with Prepara® accessories.

 This tray is made for separating ingredients but I was surprised when I found it  doubles as a storage system.  When you are done all the pieces fit in tray ensuring you don't have to take up much room for storing.

I cannot get over the detail and design of this tray.  It is so stunning.  While normally I would fear the designs on similar items would fade or chip away over time, I cannot see this happening with this set.  

How cute are these little serving spoons?  I'm not sure about you, but I always have taco meat that falls on the counter wasting good tacos. These spoons are made to fill tacos neatly and precisely every time.  They are just large enough to scoop your selections for your perfect taco and slide it right into the shell.   

So the question remains... would I buy this product after reviewing it?  Absolutely! I am aiming to get more of the serving spoons and the Tortilla Saver.  I believe in the product and after sampling it myself, color me impressed.

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