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With the kids busy doing their own thing and Chris heading back to work awful shifts at the police department I am stuck with the empty house.  I am a chronic worrier and think the worst possible things when trying to get ready for bed. Can anyone relate?  
Chris told me I need to come up with a hobby.  I have several that I am interested in but I think I don't need to settle for just one.  So if you are like me and need a hobby why not choose several more?  I am a firm believer that a day without learning is a day that is wasted. 

Here are a few ideas
Set a reading goal- I love to read and used GoodReads to track how many books I have read.  Last year I read 138 and this year I am aiming for 150.  By setting a goal it keeps me competitive with myself and pushing to reach this goal.

Learn something new- I am working to teach myself how to knit so I can donate scarves, blankets, and other things to people in need.  I think this is something that will fill my days with good towards and for others.
I am also working on teaching myself to play the piano.  I love music and the sound of the piano is so soothing to me.  

Work on something you love-  I love taking photos and sometimes I can find the best light, aim, and image that is just beautiful.  I can see the beauty I found in the image and share it the way I see it and that is amazing to me. 

What is your hobby?
What have you taught yourself?

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