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What is CBD for Dogs? The Ultimate Guide to Hemp and CBD Oil for Dogs 100%

The news about how great CBD oil is for humans is everywhere you look nowadays. You don’t have to scroll more than a few minutes on social media to something about CBD oil and if you mention it, you may be surprised to learn from a simple conversation with a friend that they have been using it for a long while already.

What you may not know is that CBD products are now available to use for your dog. Yes, your dog can also benefit from using cannabinoids and it gives them all of the same benefits as it does for you.

Where Does CBD Oil Come From?
CBD is extracted from hemp plants. Industrial hemp has low levels of THC, which makes it easier to extract the majority of it when the CBD is extracted from the plant matter. CBD is also called by its full name, cannabidiol, sometimes. It is a phytocompound, meaning it is a compound from plant matter.

CBD is also a cannabinoid, which is a classification of compounds that have certain traits of the cannabis family.
CBD is legally extracted from plants that are grown under a regulated industrial hemp program in which farmers must apply for.  

CBD that is marketed to the public without prescription must contain less than .03% THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a psychoactive ingredient that is responsible for inhibiting brain function, sometimes even causing hallucinations.

THC isn’t safe for dogs at all, they can develop toxicity from THC and even die. CBD, on the other hand, is perfectly safe for pets (check out CBD for pets at Glow CBD) and even for children. Because of the way CBD helps conditions such as arthritis and seizures, it has also caught-on for use in pets.

Vitaleaf Naturals even sells pet treats now, with CBD infused. You can click here for getting the perfect calculator to ensure that you give them just the right amount.

CBD oil has nothing added to it unless you specifically purchase an oil that has been blended with flavors or other supplements. Many flavors of the oil are made to make sure your pet will enjoy taking their dose, but what would you give it to them for? Let’s explore!

How Can CBD Benefit a Dog?

CBD is known to reduce pain and inflammation in humans because it interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). Dogs also have an ECS. When CBD is introduced to their body, it can begin working within minutes to block pain signals from reaching the brain. For older dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other injuries, this can give great relief.

Some dogs also suffer with seizures. CBD has been proven to reduce seizure events in both humans and in animals. The way it works within the brain reduces the triggers which cause seizures to happen. Each time a seizure happens, cells in the brain are damaged.

CBD also coats the walls of the neural pathways and acts as an armor coating to protect them. In the event of stroke or epilepsy, CBD can help prevent damage to brain cells in both dogs and in humans.
Many dogs are diagnosed with cancer now. Perhaps it is environmental or just that we are better at detecting these things? CBD has been shown to reduce the size of tumors in lab rats and cancer cells have been destroyed with CBD use.

This was tested more than once, with both rats and mice. CBD effectively slowed the rate of tumor growth and stopped it completely in some cases. This means that CBD, rich in antioxidants, can be a helpful supplement to give to your dog if they are diagnosed with cancer in any form.

More dogs are being diagnosed with diabetes as well. This could be due to more high fructose corn syrup introduced into their diets via commercial dog foods. It could also just be owners not being cognizant of the left-overs their dog might be eating from the supper scraps.

Used as a supplement, CBD can help with regulating metabolism, which plays a large part in how much insulin is produced and released into the bloodstream. You can find helpful treatment at https://www.greenpassion.ch/.

Another enormous benefit of CBD oil for dogs is that it helps with anxiety. One of the chief complaints of people who own dogs is the howling and barking when they have to leave their dog alone. Some owners have even faced eviction from apartment buildings because of this separation anxiety issue.

CBD helps bring calm and reduces anxiety in dogs and in humans too. CBD helps stop all of those triggering thoughts from reaching the brain, reducing the fear that takes over in your dog’s mind the moment that you walk out the door.

The alternative medications that are often prescribed for most of the above issues take days and weeks to begin to work and some of them have overly negative side-effects. CBD typically begins working within minutes and thanks to places like Vitaleaf Naturals, there are treats, foods and other means to deliver your dog’s dose to them in a way that they will enjoy it.

Don’t give medications that can cause liver damage or exacerbate symptoms and cause other issues. CBD has no ill side-effects and it will not harm your dog at all.

Determine the best dose, make sure you are getting a quality product and use that tool at Vitaleaf to make sure you are giving a proper dose and you’ll dog will thank you with more healthy years and improved vitality.

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