I am Not a Cook

There is nothing that interests me in cooking.  I have never held the cooking bug and everyone that knows me gets it.  If it takes more than 15 minutes to prep and more than that to cook- forget it I don't want to do it.  I always joke that I am a broken Italian because in a large Italian family I am the only one without the cooking bug.

My Gram always asks if I want to take cooks books home with me when I see her.  At 91, I am not sure if she remembers if I don't like cooking instead of I cannot cook.  Maybe it is a little bit of both.  I have always held full-time jobs with limited to no days off so cooking seems like extra work.

My go-to recipes are easy and my crock pot can cook it for me.

Here are my favorites...

Pot roast- This three-ingredient does take a long time but it is delicious.

In a crock pot place the pot roast/rump roast/similar type meat on the bottom.
Over the top empty a can of cream of mushroom soup/ If you are not a mushroom fan cream of celery or cream of chicken can work.  You can add a cup of water but as the meat breaks down you do not need the water.
Over that add a packet of onion soup mix
Let it cook for 12-14 hours on high serve over egg noodles or rice

 Lentil soup-This four-ingredient recipe is made at least once every other week in our house. You can make it in the crockpot or you can make it in the stove top.

You boil down beef or chicken bouillon cubes or used boxed broth approximately 8-10 cups worth
One bag of lentils rinsed and drained
1-2 sticks of pepperoni

This receipt cooks on the stove for 1-2 hours or if you are like me I cook in the crockpot on low for 6-8 hours.
Serve over spaghetti or smalls macaroni noodles

I may not like cooking but I make sure there is always something to eat at my house.
What are your go-to recipes?

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  1. Find someone you know that enjoys cooking and see if they can help you out. Maybe freezer meals would help too. I love cooking, but realize it's not for everyone.


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