Fighting the Flu

Oh ladies... This has been an awful week for the family. Of course I get sick first.  I am fighting off the chills day one and by day 2 not able to fight off anything.  I am not sure about you but I have only had the flu once in my life and it was awful then. Now that I am at the tail end of it the only issues I have are the worst sinus headaches and the exhaustion. 
Now you all know that a mommy's job does not end when she is sick... still working on training the new puppy, making sure the household chores are done.  I have disliked everyone and thing in my house for the better part of the week because I still had my own things to do and mom being down and out was not all that pressing.  Fine... remember that when you guys don't feel well.

 Now E is the only one feeling okay and Chris got it yesterday.  Oh boy a man with the flu or any ailment and it is like coming home to a newborn baby.  Is this what it means when we say in sickness and in health in our vows?  The love of your life will act like a big giant baby and the mom in you has to love him anyway?  I mean I do but I am kind of glad he is feeling as crappy as I did all week.  Not out of spite but just for him to feel anything of what I felt this past week still being the mom I need to be and be a success at it.   Now my big baby has the chills and has me waiting on him hand and foot.  I did not get this treatment but I will be the better sick person.  He has been in bed since 4pm last night and I am sleeping on the couch to avoid getting this bug back.  I hope we don't all pass it back and forth. 

 Has the flu hit your household? What are you doing to survive?  

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  1. Buy all the disinfectant and take your vitamins! Also, drink plenty of water.


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