Holiday NewsLetter- Keeping up with the Family

With family near and far during the holidays I have been thinking about creating a family newsletter that can keep the family apprised of what is going on with us.  I think the concept of a newsletter is fun and unique and quite possibly a new family tradition that will bring laughs, tears of joy, and keep us connected.  Unsure of where to start I am sharing the letter that will become our family newsletter. 

Dear Family, 
It's Jessica, the slightly antisocial member of the family.  I have decided a newsletter is smart way to keep you all up to date on the goings on in the Belair family.  I am hoping this cuts down on visits and pressures to be together when it is not financially feasible for all of us.  Plus truthfully, some of you make me crazy despite my love for you.  Now don't be offended because I know I do the same to you.  
Truth be told not too many changes this year- We are all another year older and not much has changed.  E is graduating this coming June, J is in a serious dating relationship and C and I are watching it all pass by way too quickly.  C is starting back at the police academy at the end of December and I have been begging for a new dog.  
So now that I have shared what is going on with me, I know it is very boring.  I am not a storyteller that can provide these fairytale stories that make you ooh and aah.  My life is the same nearly every year.  You see my Facebook posts and know I love my husband, my kids, and also my job.  You know what I have struggled with over the last year and you are aware of the ups and downs life has handed us.  
So why the newsletter?  Because sometimes it is nice to be reminded that someone wants to hear your story or just simply get amused at the going-ons with other members of the family.  So here is all the news you could want to know and some you may not even care to hear, because you asked to be a part of my life through the glory and the chaos.  

E- He is that sullen teenager that refuses to smile and be a part of the family.  Stuck in his phone that I desperately want to break but then know I will have to replace.  I will start a conversation with him and he doesn't respond and when I look at him he is stuck in his own little world not hearing anything I say.  Frustrated is the calmest word I can use to explain how I feel when he does this.  He is 17 now and still has not found a job and to be quite honest I don't think he will despite our nagging but don't let me start on what he wants all the time.  It is never ending.   He is still however, one of the most kindhearted kids I know.  When I get frustrated or feel like I have had enough of his teenage antics I have to remind myself that he is this terrific, kindhearted human being. 

J- She has a life of her own- truly the opposite of her brother.  She works, goes to school, and is in a serious relationship.  There are so many jokes that girls mature faster than boys... it's not a joke.  We don't get to see J too often because she is busy with her life, but when we do talk her supposed maturity sometimes goes right out the window.  She acts silly and goofy and like a typical teenage girl with crazy hormones.  How did my parents handle this with 4 girls??  This young lady stole my heart at the tender age of 4. Despite the crazy girl moments she is a well rounded person who is kindhearted like her big brother. 

C- Oh the love of my life and the pain in my side.  It has been 12 years of loving him and wanting to grow old with him.  That will never change and never end.  Please do not think that makes him exempt from getting on my nerves every so often.  While he is the sweetest and most affectionate man I have ever known please note the whole it's YOUR children when they are doing the irritating things above I blame him.  I blame his spontaneity and fun side for the lack of control I have over what our teenagers are doing.  They are carefree because of how he raised them to be.  OK fine! I helped in that but I will still blame him.  
At the end of the day I am so grateful for the life we have and it is all because he chose to share it with.

So lastly, it is my turn.  I am still the girl that puts others first and always before myself and then complains about how overwhelmed I get because of it.  I make promises to myself that I do not keep because I am busy being the everyone to everyone.  Truth be told I would not change my life for anything because my struggles have made me have faith when there wasn't any to be found.  I hope my newsletter made you realize that we are all human and nothing is always perfect.    

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