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Thank you to Rain Africa for providing me with their Bee Essential Remedies Natural Insect Balm to use with my family this summer. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

Are you one of those people who get absolutely devoured by mosquitoes in the summertime? Do you question why mosquitoes were created? (My theory is that they are food for birds, but I don't know why they suck blood. 😒) I am one of those people. If I don't put some sort of insect repellant on from March to November, I am sure to acquire a bite or seven if I am outside for any length of time.
I am also one of those people who are afraid to use mainstream insect repellant. Quite the predicament. I have bought candles, essential oils, some sort of vaporizer device, sweated it out in long sleeves, researched natural deterrents - all in an attempt to find relief from my great nemesis.

A company called Rain Africa came up in a product review opportunity for me a month or two ago and I went on their site to check out their products. They have a Bee Essential Remedies collection that sounded cool so I took a look and found a Natural Insect Balm *gasp*! They graciously sent me a sample product to put to the test. 

As many of you know, I have three little ones who are apparently just as delicious to mosquitoes. These poor kids get so many bites from playing outside that I want to quarantine them indoors all summer, which just seems cruel. My oldest is allergic to mosquitoes and if she gets bitten, they swell to the size of a quarter and are covered in blisters. Not fun.

Exhibit A: A trip to Urgent Care revealed it was a mosquito bite.
Anywho, all of that back story to say that I was intrigued and hopeful for the Natural Insect Balm to be the answer to all 👐 of our mosquito woes.

The Bee Essential Remedies Collection is a collection of products that are fortified with honey and beeswax, which provide vitamins B & C as well as antioxidants to help heal and protect the skin naturally. 

The Natural Insect Balm contains only the following amazing ingredients:

Olive Oil - Non-greasy Moisturizer
Avocado Oil- Anti-aging 
Coconut Oil- Lightweight Moisturizer
Beeswax - Moisture Locking, Anti-microbial
Lemongrass Oil- Insect Repellant 
Citronella Oil - Strong Insect Repellant

We really put it to the test when we visited my Mom's farm in Cameron, SC. They live in a huge old house with giant wrap around porches and no central A/C 👀. We spent a good amount of time on the porch in the breeze with the mosquitoes and gnats. Six adults and five children used the Natural Insect Balm and everyone saw immediate results and relief from bugs! Everyone kept asking what it was made of and where they could get some! 

Verdict: It works.  

And it is good for your skin, smells good and won't poison you. Win. Win. Win. Win. 

Another win for this product is that they provide ethical and fair job opportunities in regions where they are not typically available. 

"The reason Rain came into existence was to provide jobs, skills and hope to people living in desperate poverty, particularly women and the disabled."


Where you shop matters. What you put on your body matters. 
So enjoy your summer outside, insect free, and feel good about it!

Want it? Get It!

Check out Rain Africa's whole line of amazing products here: Rain Africa

Or click this link to order your own Bee Essential Remedies Natural Insect Balm

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