Advocating for your Child

As parents we advocate for our children with doctors, teachers, principals, and even with other parents.  People that aren’t parents and people that are not tend to give advice or opinions even when unwanted.  How do you handle that? 

Our job as parents is to advocate for our children.  We can expect the best for them and advocate for better doctors, teachers, and people in general that will be in our children’s lives. 

You are the parent and your parenting style is your own.  There is no handbook. We will make mistakes, but we are human.  You as the parent know what is good and in the best interest of your child.  Do not feel discouraged by naysayers because everyone has an opinion until they are facing the same situation. 

Take the advice of others with a grain of salt.  No two kids are the same and no two parents are either.  It is okay to make mistakes because it shows your children that they can make them too.  

If you are doing your best, speaking up for your children when they cannot speak for themselves, and are raising good children guess what? You are doing it right.  If your child is having a meltdown and is causing a scene in public... you are still doing it right.  We are raising people and I don’t know about you but sometimes I want to have a meltdown too. 

The best way to advocate for your child is to do what you feel is in their best interest.

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