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I have always wanted pink hair. I always thought that I would have to wait until I was 80 years old and could get a pink tint to my white hair. (Side note, I still plan to do that.) I saw this ad for a conditioning hair color treatment called oVertone - the girl in the ad had blue hair - I took the bait and checked it out. 

I actually ended up buying some. They had this Rose Gold color for brown hair and I thought *ding ding ding!* I can fast forward my dreams of having pink hair! Now, apparently, these hair pigments are mostly for blondes or people who have actually bleached their hair white prior to use for the best, brightest results. The "for brown hair" I think refers to lighter brown hair, so even though my natural color is pretty dark brown, I have bleached ends on my hair from my "mombrè" 'do so I thought I'M IN. Their instructions confirmed. The first question: Do you have hair? Check. 

I got ready to test it out. Below is a "before" picture of my "mombrè". (It's getting there, folks. Have faith.) So, I kept seeing that this stuff is actually good for your hair with no harsh chemicals. Their MOTTO is Healthy Color for Healthy Hair. I like that. I am moving toward a natural, tree hugger, hippie vibe lifestyle in general so this fit the bill. 

Here are some features of oVertone products that are NOTABLE and NOBLE: 
1. Vegan - nothing comes from animals in their products.
2. Never ever ever tested on animals. (they love animals...)
3. Based on plant oils like coconut, avocado, primrose, linseed, starflower, jojoba, sesame, olive and shea butter. 
4. Not a dye. It is a PIGMENTED CONDITIONER. Which means, it does not dry out your hair or open the hair cuticle like dye does. It, in fact, conditions and cares for your hair. 

They recommend applying the product with gloves - I also recommend this. The pigments are sooooo strong, they will easily stain your hands or skin (of course, it will wash off...eventually). The idea behind this product is that you use it continually to maintain the color of your choice, because it deposits color every time you apply it. It washes out in a week or two if you stop using it. 

Above is the "in process" shot. It says for a brighter result, apply to dry hair before you shower. So, I am a GO BIG OR GO HOME kinda girl and I just went for the gusto. But I actually only applied it to the ends where I had the blonde area because I didn't think it would do much for my dark hair. 

Here is my morning after results. As you can see, the color is pretty bright! It was admittedly a little more hot pink than rose gold at first - but I did use the "rose gold for brown hair" on my blonde so it's probably my fault. They have a regular formula too that probably would have come out a little softer. 

Now after a few washes, I really started digging my color! Check out my strike a pose look... you can tell I like it. It was getting more rose gold, which is what I wanted. 

This picture is actually a rough day for me - I hadn't washed my hair... or brushed it for that matter... hence the headband. But as you can see, the color was starting to return to my normal faded bleached out blonde. Time to re-pigment! 

I have more than half a jar of this left - it doesn't take much to saturate your hair. It smells good too - I must mention that. It has a pepperminty herbal smell that is surprisingly nice. Hair dye is the worst smell. That ammonia will burn your nose hairs off. It can't be good for you. 

Well anyway, I just thought I'd share this product with you in case you are like me and have a fantasy to have crazy colored hair... but only temporarily. Or, if you are cooler than me and would like to have awesome bright hair all the time... this would also work for you. 

Want it? Get it!

Here is the link to give me credit for this referral so I can buy more oVertone: 

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