The Unboxing of Our Faith Night In Box #NightInBoxes

Thank you to Date Night In for providing me with this date night experience to share with my husband! All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

We are loving these monthly Date Night In Boxes! At first, we didn't know what to expect, but this is our second box and we just laugh and talk the whole time. Each experience is designed and planned by the Date Night In team to encourage intimacy in your relationship. When you are parents to young children, or just have busy schedules in general, often your relationship can suffer from lack of intimacy. 

Now, when I say intimacy, I mean closeness - not necessarily physical! (I mean that's fine too...but, just to clarify.) So this month, we decided to try a different variation of the Date Night In Box - Faith Night In! So, with Faith Night In, there is a component of relationship building with your spouse, and a component of relationship building with God. Here's what we got in our box this month:

 1. Two Happy Spritz Essential Oil Wipes- A bright citrus blend of essential oils on a towelette that you can use to refresh or energize yourself any time of day!

2. A set of dice & two pencils - useful for the games component.

3. Tea Drops - Organic Pressed herbal tea that dissolves in hot water - skip the bag & tag! 

4. Petite Belgian Waffles & Real Maple Syrup from Ben's Sugar Shack - to share as a yummy snack. 

5. Date Itinerary & Faith Discussion Guide.

 I had just made us some iced coffees so we drank those first 😬We settled in to our date and our quiet time together. The itinerary was neat (last month we had a voice guide that we listened to on our phone) - it was designed to look like a Sunday Morning Paper, since the theme of this month's box was Easy Like Sunday Morning! There were games, crossword puzzles, MadLibs, fun Q&As... lots to do! I found out that Jason is great at crossword puzzles (I am not.) Also, I learned that Jason wanted to be an Architect when he was little! 

Next, we stopped for a snack... yum! We also tried the herbal teas - that was interesting! Oh, I almost forgot to mention: there was a link to an awesome playlist on Spotify that I played on my phone and also there were several recipes in the Itinerary that I will definitely try out in the future! 

Our cat Kitty Meow stole Jason's seat and pencil when he got up for a minute. I think he wanted a Date Night In too. 

Next, we took a look at the Faith Discussion Guide that was designed like a church bulletin! So cute. The topic was about setting aside time for your relationship with God as an act of worship. It was thought provoking and refreshing for us since we rarely attend church together. The guide concluded with a scripted prayer that was very sweet. 

Here is Jason trying out the Essential Oil wipe: 

It was actually my doing... I told him it would relax him if he breathed it in. 😉

We had a great time with this month's Date Night In Box! We are looking forward to our next one! (P.S. - the little Jesus didn't come with the box - we just thought he was on-theme...)

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A very special thank you to Date Night In for providing us with a fun, relationship-building experience! 

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