Honey, They Shrunk the Popcorn... #pipsnacks

Thank you to PipSnacks for providing me with their delicious Pipcorn for review! All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

What's your favorite snack? Mine is popcorn. No, no, not just because of this review. Because I love popcorn. I can go to the movies after I just ate a huge meal and I still get popcorn, because: it's popcorn. It's salty (or sweet, but I like salty). It's light... meaning you can eat a whoooooole lot of it before you feel bad. It's crunchy. It's technically a vegetable (right?). 

So, there is this new kind of popcorn called Pipcorn. First of all, love the name. Pip is so cute. Pip Pip Hooray! Well, anyway, Pipcorn is delicious mini popcorn. Seriously, it's like half the size of regular popcorn. No, no, it's not genetically modified. It's a naturally smaller variety of kernel, so it pops up smaller.

Another cool thing about the kernel is that the hull of the kernel - you know, the thing that normally gets stuck in your teeth and you keep finding days later - is much more delicate than normal kernel hulls, so it breaks down easier. That's good for two reasons: your teeth and your tummy. 

Now, PipSnacks doesn't make any fancy legally binding claims about this, but I can vouch that I did not get any hulls stuck in my teethies while noshing on their tiny popped corn. And I ate two whole bags of it (in several sittings...of course...). Also, did I mention that it is so cute? It's so cute. 

It comes in so many great flavors like: Truffle (Truffle Oil, not Chocolate Truffles), Sea Salt, Cheddar, Organic Butter Ghee, Rosemary, Kettle and various Seasonal Flavors like Gingerbread (!). Also, all Pipcorn is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Whole Grain and Made in the USA! Most of the flavors are also Vegan, except for the Cheddar and the Organic Butter Ghee flavors - but those are both made with organic, free range dairy (score!). 

Want it? Get it!

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