Move Over Caillou, there's a New Show in town...

Move over Caillou…there’s a new show in town. Llama Llama, the beloved children’s book series by Anna Dewdney now has it’s very own original Netflix series.

The new children’s show launched Season 1 on January 26, 2018, with 15 new episodes, each around 25 minutes long. You might recognize the voice of Mama Llama as sweetheart actress Jennifer Garner, who does an excellent job of channeling the various familiar tones of motherhood, being a mother of three herself.

I’ll just cut to the chase - the show is fantastic. My kids were engaged with the story right away and it held their attention. Like the book series, the show deals with different challenges of childhood and how Little Llama deals with them with the help of his mother, teacher, and friends.

One episode shows Little Llama throwing a tantrum in the grocery store - who hasn’t been there before!? These are real-life problems, people… sort of, in a world where Llama’s talk...and go to the grocery store. The fact remains, however, that this content is useful. And I like that. So, if you are ready to listen to a new show on infinite repeat, Llama Llama on Netflix is your new jam.

- Jessie

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