Thank you to Integrity Chef for providing me with their Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Tea Infuser for review. All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

I’m a coffee lover (addict). I spend a lot of money at Starbucks every month, much to my husband’s chagrin. My friends say I should just open my own shop - yes, it’s that serious. So when I got the opportunity to try out an ingenious device that touts handcrafted iced coffee at home that is better than Starbucks… I jumped on that wagon. I probably skinned my knees a little bit by how fast I jumped on that wagon…

Now, let me just start by saying that I have tried on a few occasions to make my own iced coffee at home. I’ve brewed it hot, used a lot of extra coffee to make it extra strong and so it wouldn’t water down when I added ice. Then, I’ve brewed it hot and refrigerated it in an awkward Tupperware container. Full disclosure, I hate storing things in plastic because the plastic holds onto food smells/flavors bleh! So, to sum up, I have found making iced coffee myself way too much trouble to logically continue doing it on a regular basis. Enter: Integrity Chef Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Infuser (ta-da!)

Integrity Chef Cold Brew Coffee Maker & Tea Infuser
First of all, the product arrived quickly (go Amazon and owner Joel Kim!) in a svelte black box (oooooo!). I noticed right away that the design was simple and elegant - glass carafe (YAY) with stainless steel infuser cartridge and lid. All the pieces are tightly sealed together with silicone gaskets to protect the glass and the freshness of the coffee. The seals also served to hold the infuser snuggly in place so that the coffee remains submerged as it infuses. Side note: I realize that this product is a ‘tea infuser’ as well… sorry iced tea, maybe next time…

Infuser, Lid & Carafe

I received these instructions from Integrity Chef owner, Joel:

1. Grind your favorite coarse ground coffee beans (1.5tbsp of grinds to 4 ounces of water recommended)
2. Place the grinds in the filter and fill the pitcher with room temperature water
3. Leave the pitcher in the fridge overnight (8-16 hours)
4. Remove the filter and dump out the coffee grinds (do not replace filter into pitcher)
5. Replace the cap which creates an airtight seal that preserves the aromatic cold brew coffee flavor and enjoy your cold brew coffee for up to 2 weeks!

So I did.

Let me tell you, the reality of this product is that it is simpler than making a regular hot cup of coffee. You literally dump some coarsely ground coffee into the infuser column, fill up the carafe with water, put the infuser in the carafe and put the whole thing in your refrigerator and forget it until you desire a delicious iced coffee.  I let the coffee brew in the fridge for probably 18 hours to be honest… I made it right away in the afternoon and didn’t try it until the next morning (no harm done).

Fresh out of an 18 hour infusion sesh
I filled my glass with ice, poured myself some of that beautiful dark cold brew and topped it off with a little half and half and a spoon of sugar. I am a tough critic when it comes to my iced coffee- I was not disappointed in the least. As I sat there enjoying my coffee, I realized, THIS COULD ACTUALLY WORK FOR ME!  I could actually stop spending my life savings at Starbucks! It was so easy and delicious. And I had at least three more cups left (not for long, as I am a high-frequency consumer…). “And clean up is a cinch!” You just rinse out the infuser. BAM! Done.

Be jealous... but really, just get your own. 
Let me tell you a little bit about this awesome company: Integrity Chef. They are a small family business with a heart for people as well as quality products to improve your life. Not only is the product fairly priced, but a part of the proceeds for every product goes to the treatment and cure of a child infected with waterborne parasites. They have assisted 15,786 children to date! I can get behind that action.

Want it? Get it!

This Valentine’s Day, join me in supporting this incredible business and send the coffee lover in your life (maybe yourself???) an incredibly easy way to make awesome iced coffee at home! Seriously, it will pay for itself in a week - let’s be honest (I see you in the Starbucks line too girl…).  

Purchase this awesome coffee maker on Amazon in the MBP Amazon Store.

Special thanks to Integrity Chef for allowing me to share about their amazing Cold Brew Coffee Maker. Look for it in our 2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!


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