Peculiar And 'Out Of Place' Decor That Works

In the world of decor design and the time, it takes to truly appreciate what an artist or designer has achieved, can sometimes feel worlds apart. There’s always going to be that one person who is an apparent expert of modern decor that will express that odd shapes and brutalist natures in our homes have transformed the way we think. However for those who don’t believe that decor and its quality should be determined by how far it has come in time.

The beauty of decor is that your personality matters more than the era or period of decor design that you exist in. There’s no shame in saying you love some of the older designs for chairs, tables and lounging sofas than the modern styles of the day. In fact there sometimes is an air of superiority which rears its ugly head from time to time; almost as an elitist culture determines what is and isn’t palatable. If your personality likes to have one or two items in each room that may look out of place to someone else, but complete the room for you, for whatever reason, then you have to realize you’re not the only one who thinks like this.

Curves and lounging

Concept decor is actually a niche market for many people. There is an enate need in every human being, to be different from other people, and make sure they express their individuality. This is partly where the curvaceous concept decor culture came from, although you may also say, it gives artists free reign to go off the deep end. Making these peculiar designs reality is one of the most fun and challenging tasks any homeowner can do. Bringing them into your living space is an act of creative courage. A curvy lounge chair would be great for you to come home to after a long day at work. Not only does it compensate for a lack of normal supports, but in fact, it mixes two kinds of styles together. It has both a chair philosophy and a lying down style of counselling chair mixed into it. You can lie down quite easily and not be hanging over the edge in an uncomfortable way, while also sitting upright and relaxing with your elbow supporting your arm and hand, to hold up your head. The style is very abstract and does need to special place in your lounge room, and cannot just be put anywhere.

More room baths

The bathroom is that part of the home where you are connecting with your living area more intimately. You’re getting naked and exposing your body to the elements essentially. This can mean that you want absolute comfort to enjoy the moments you come to cleanse yourself in privacy, or simply make it quick and focus on functionality. You can have both with a new take on the modern bathtub. A freestanding bathtub is very deep set and allows you to sit up and do so with the correct amount of back support. Curvy and very elegant, this bathtub is great for those who want to veer away from the modern styles of tubs that you get, which are large rectangles. Shaped like a boat, the smooth lines are actually there for a reason. You have a lot of room in the bathtub and don’t feel pinned in because your body does not touch the sides while lying in the middle. This is great for prolonged soaks in the bath and gives you more time in the hot water, and the heat swirls around the design for longer.

Bulbish mosaic lamps

This style of lamp is often seen in Turkey and was actually quite widespread during the Roman Catholic Empire. Lampshades made out of see through a glass that is colored and forming a mosaic style is a very peculiar and wonderful looking decor piece. These can be placed virtually anywhere in the home, except for the bathroom where the steam would loosen the glass pieces. These lamps are great to have in your bedroom and most of all, in the lounge room. They make for great reading companions, that help you see late at night, while also dimming the light naturally due to the glass shade design. They can be in a more solid form such as on a stem support, but more often, they were hanged from the ceiling.

Peculiar decor is one of those niche subjects in home interior design that is often overlooked. However, it's one of the few parts of the home decor style ranges, that allows for absolute and total freedom to be creative and not be hemmed in by following a certain pattern.

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