7 Tips For Making Your New House Feel Like a Home

There’s a lot to take care of when you’re moving to a new home, including making sure all the paperwork is watertight and then, you know, actually piling up all your belongings into a van and taking it to your new home. When all of that is done, you’ll feel a wave of relief pulsing through you: it’s finally over. Unfortunately, you’ll look around at your new dwelling, and you’ll only see a house; you want to see a home. Below, we offer seven tips that’ll have you more comfortable and at ease in your new abode.

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A Closer Look

You’ll have had a pretty thorough understanding of your new house before you moved, but now that the keys are in your possession, you’ll want to go through the house with a fine-tooth comb. You’ll likely only have seen the property when it had all the belongings of the previous owner inside, and now that it is empty and all yours, you might find a couple of extra things that you’ll want to take care of. You don’t have to take care of them straight away - major problems will have been flagged before purchase - but you’ll rest easier knowing what precisely is going on in your house.

Feel Secure

It doesn’t matter where you live; you always want you and your family to feel safe and secure while in the home. You might find vulnerabilities that the previous owners weren’t concerned with, but which you want to tighten just to ensure that there’s no chance of anyone illegally gaining entry to your home. Take a look at all the doors and windows to ensure they’re secure. Also, you’ll want to make sure that there’s a fire extinguisher, first aid kits, and smoke detectors in your home so that you’re well prepared should something go wrong.

Get Organised

Don’t underestimate just how big an impact being organized can have! It’s hard to feel like you’ve arrived at home if you’re always trying to dodge boxes and other materials. Spend a good few hours putting everything in its right place. If you don’t have the time or manpower to take of everything, then focus only on a few key rooms. Clear your living room, and you’ll all be able to unwind, away from the madness of the rest of the house.

Comfortable and Cozy

It’s hard to feel relaxed if you’re battling against drafts or the heat. You want to be able to protect yourself against the elements of the outdoors, and if you’re sitting in a cold or stifling room, then you’re going to feel uncomfortable. Shortly after you move in, look into getting the right heating, ventilation and air conditioning for your property. This is especially important if you’re making a move during the winter: there’s nothing worse than braving the cold when you’re trying to get comfortable in your new house.

Entertainment Up and Running

No-one’s expected your house to be bags of fun as soon as you move in. For the first few days, you’ll be sitting in bare rooms, eating uninspiring meals, and working so hard unpacking that you won’t have time for fun. But don’t leave it too long. Things like the internet, television, and cable make spending time in our home enjoyable and can offer a gentle reprieve from the hard work of moving. There’s nothing like spending a night watching a movie with the family to gain that sense of arrival.

The Neighborhood

Your house doesn’t exist independently from everything else; there’s a whole world right on your doorstep, and it’s important that you get to know it. Take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbors and spend some time exploring the neighborhood. You might find a nice little cafe that becomes your go-to in the morning or a park where you can take the children on sunny evenings. It’s these little things that make a house feel like home; get to know your new surroundings, and you’ll be on your way.

Cracking the Champagne

OK, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: christening your new home by cracking the champagne. It won’t necessarily make your new property feel homier, but it will help you mark your arrival in style. From here on out, it’s about showing patience and waiting to fall in with the rhythms of your new house. It’ll take some time, but if you take care of all the small details and give it time, you’ll feel right at home in no time.  

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