Spruce Up Your Car for Spring

Spring is here, and it's time to give your vehicle a little TLC. The winter months can be harsh on a vehicle's interior, exterior, and under the hood. If your car has seen its share of grime from snowy and slushy roadways, or even if you've just driven under gray skies all winter long, your car could certainly benefit from a little spring tune up. By taking a little time out of your busy schedule and showing your car some love, you'll have it looking better than ever, and ready to take on a spring road trip!

During the winter, roadways are often lined with salt, a pre-treatment that allows for safer driving conditions in snowy or icy weather. The mixture used to treat the roads winds up on the vehicles that drive on the roadways, and that mixture can certainly do a number on the cars. Over a period of time, if left unwashed, the chemicals used in the road treatment mixture can be damaging to the car's exterior. Some car owners may see chipped paint as a result. One of the best things you can do, is to wash the grime away regularly during the winter. It may cost a bit more, but take your car to an auto spa, where professionals can handle the grime, and gently remove any lingering salt from the roads.

Once spring rolls around, touch up the chipped paint or any nicks or scratches that may come to light. No one wants to see their car's paint start to deteriorate. Take care of any minor paintwork issues right away. Ignoring the problem could lead to worse problems down the road. Take your vehicle in to a professional, rather than trying to patch up any worn areas yourself. You might think that it will save you money, but it's not worth the risk you take when trying to fix it yourself. Choose a trusted professional, or ask friends and family members for a recommendation.

Once repairs have been made, keep your car clean. It does take a certain discipline to regularly clean your car. Just like we take care of our bodies, our homes, our belongings, we must also care for our cars. We rely on our cars to get us to and fro, and we need them to be in top working condition at all times. You can help your vehicle maintain its smooth-running engine, and beautiful exterior by regular maintenance. 

Give your car a wash every couple of weeks, and a deep clean at least once a month. Be sure to clean the glass, inside and out, and wipe down the dash. Vacuum out the car, and remove trash, as well as any items that don't belong in the car. Keep items neat by storing them in car organizers. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to sell your car down the road, you'll be glad that you took such good care of it.

Once your car is beautifully clean, go ahead and take it out for a joy ride. Choose a mild day, and roll the windows down. The ride will be good for your car, and good for your soul.

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  1. Yeah i know there is not easy to wash car but with the passage of time you will learn how to wash it. Keep working.


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