Things You Don't Know Until It's Too Late: How To Deal With A Broken A/C In Summer

It is hard to imagine a world where you would be looking for coolness and fresh air, but winter will not last forever. However, when the summer comes and your A/C unit has broken down, you will be in need of advice to keep cool. Before it’s too late, here is a list of practical tips to keep at the back of your mind now so that you can keep your cool in the hot. 

Get In The Pool
Make sure before the summer arrives that your swimming pool has received maintenance services by a professional so that you can dive into fresh water with a relaxed mind. If you don’t have any pool, it’s never too late to buy a small, inflatable pool for your garden. You can even find a trampoline pool by the Shrunks that is guaranteed to bring a smile on everybody’s faces!

Remember That Windows Let The Warmth In
When the sun shines outside, it is imperative to keep your windows tightly shut during the day so that you don’t let any hot air in. Additionally, the purchase of occulting and thermal curtains, such as these, will ensure that the sunlight stays out: This will help you keep the rooms, if not cool, at least not as hot as the weather is. Make sure to open the windows at night to refresh the air inside the house and cool down the rooms. 

How To Get The A/C Fixed
The key to getting things done rapidly is to be prepared in advance. This will mean, in this instance, to already research contacts for A/C Repair online and to register their number in your phone. Make also sure that you have read through their terms and conditions so that you know what to expect. Always remember to check your warranty documents too, as you may be entitled free servicing or replacement to avoid any issue in future.

Check Your Other Cooling Options
The A/C unit is only one of many devices and means that you can use to get cool. While it is important to service it before the summer, it is equally important to check if alternative options are in working order: Test your fans, check that the freezer is clean, and if you fridge provide cool water do spend some time inspecting the cooling system before the hot months arrive. In houses where the rooms can get too easily warm in summer, homeowners like to use a fan to blow on a large block of ice as a cooling solution. While this doesn’t last for long, it is always handy to keep in mind in case you should ever need it. 

Eat And Drink Yourself Cool

Keeping cool in summer is also about helping your body to keep hydrated. This means that a cucumber salad will keep you cooler than a burger, even if the latter might look more appetizing! Additionally, it’s always a good idea to drink at least 2L of water every day: While drinking doesn’t protect you from getting warm, it protects from body from overheating by producing sweat and renewing the water in its cells. Do remember to avoid caffeine and alcohol if you can, as they increase dehydration for your body. 


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