Clever Cuppa: Other Uses For Tea That’ll Suprise You

There is perhaps nothing more satisfying in life than curling up with a good cup of tea, a saucer of choc chip cookies and a good book. Our love affair with the tea leaf is well known, cups of sweet, sugary tea are common after shock or trauma, while down south the tradition of enjoying a pitcher of iced tea on a hot summer’s day dates back hundreds of years. However, tea is a unique beverage and it has multiple uses, from ancient medicine to modern baking while some swear it even contains mystical powers. So if you think you know everything about tea, think again! 

Colourful Candy

The Japanese love their Matcha tea so much that they add it to sweets, cookies, cold drinks and even sauces. This type of tea has a bright green hue to it that looks a bit like freshly mown grass and has a unique, refreshing taste. Matcha tea is packed with anti-oxidants, boosts the drinkers metabolism and helps to calm both mind and body while enhancing your mood. It also provides Vitamin C, aids in concentration and prevents disease. Drinking a fresh, steaming cup of Matcha tea is the equivalent of drinking ten cups of regular green tea as you’re ingesting the entire leaf thus getting 100% of the nutrients. 

Stomach Settler

Herbal teas have long been an alternative remedy for  many ailments, in fact, the Chinese practice of Acupuncture, placing needles on the body, is often accompanied by an infusion that the patient should drink to aid treatment. The next time you’re feeling poorly why not try some herbal tea? There's also nothing nicer than a hot cuppa from a great kettle so click here to learn more about electric tea kettles and pick your favourite! Both peppermint and ginger tea are known to be helpful when it comes to alleviating feelings of sickness, so make sure that you stock up for when you’re feeling under the weather. 

Beauty Booster 

There are a myriad of beauty treatments that incorporate tea such as revitalising tired skin, relieving puffy eyes and it can even become DIY hair dye. All you need to do is add some rosemary and sage to three cups of strongly brewed tea, leave overnight and then shampoo as usual before pouring the mixture onto your hair. Over several treatments, you’ll see results as your hair absorbs the tannin. Tea can also help to condition dry hair, leaving you with natural shine and healthy locks. Directly brew a quart of fresh unsweetened tea and use as a final rinse once you’ve washed the shampoo out. 

Flower Fertiliser

Roses and other flowers love the tannin that’s found in tea, and it can boost plants growth dramatically. Create a mulch from dried teabags or simply collect your loose leaf tea together, used preferably, and scatter onto the garden. Before you know it your straggly flowers will have blossomed into beautiful blooms, having soaked up all those healthy nutrients! You can also pop tea bags into the bottom of your potted plants to give them a helping hand. 

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