How to Give a Car as a Christmas Gift

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If you've decided that you're going to surprise someone with a car for Christmas, you might be wondering how in the world you're going to keep them from finding out? Surprising a teen might be a little easier than surprising a spouse, but both are possible! You won't even have to do much sneaking around to make it happen, you just need proper planning, and you might need a little help from trusted friends and family members.

Find an affordable car. Don't go overboard by trying to purchase a car that you won't be able to afford. Go with something reliable, and within your budget. If you're wanting to keep the car a surprise from a spouse, you'll have to make sure that you have excellent credit, and that you'll be able to title and finance the vehicle yourself. You can first contact the person at the car dealership who handles financing and insurance. Explain the situation, and ask for their help and guidance. Chances are, they have worked on surprises like this in the past, and will know just how to help you keep this big secret!

Decide whose name will go on the car's title. Will it be in your name or your spouse's name? If your spouse's name will be on the title, they will definitely have to sign and file paperwork at some point, but not necessarily right away, They may be able to sign the papers later on, and still enjoy the surprise. However, the person purchasing the vehicle must have excellent credit in order for this to work. If your credit is fair, and you need two incomes to support the purchase of the vehicle, the dealership might be able to run credit checks on both people. If everything looks good, the gift recipient should be able to sign papers after the car is delivered as the gift.

Don't forget about insurance. You'll want to go ahead and add the new vehicle to your car insurance policy- otherwise, no one will be able to drive it. Not being able to drive your Christmas present would be a disappointment. Make sure everything is taken care of from tags and license plates to other odds and ends. 

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Once you've gifted the new car, enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays with your family! Why not take a drive through town to look at all of the Christmas lights? You could plan to take a drive through the Morris Park Festival of Lights through December 27th. It's just $10.00 per car, and you can enjoy a beautiful display of holiday lights on a 1.3 mile drive through the park. The event begins each night at 5 pm and goes until 9 pm.

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