Oh, the Places We'll Go this Fall

I absolutely love fall. It's my favorite season- cue the pumpkin spice, the beautiful colors, cozy scarves and hot beverages. Fall means getting together with the family for good food and conversation, and making lots of wonderful memories. 

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Some of my favorite events of the year take place during fall, such as my son's birthday. B will turn six years old this October, and I can hardly believe that I have a child this age. This year, B requested to have a class party with all of his friends at Dan Nicholas Park. We'll be enjoying cake and snacks, games, and enjoying the park with the kids. They'll get to play on the playground, take a ride on the kiddie train, and a ride on the carousel. There's also mini golf, a petting zoo, reptile house, and a small zoo for the kids to enjoy.

After we have B's birthday party, we'll take a trip up to Asheville, NC the following weekend for our church-wide retreat at Lutheridge. Lutheridge is a beautiful Lutheran camp and retreat center in the gorgeous NC mountains. We'll enjoy a long weekend of rest, renewal, and fellowship with our church family. This is something we always look forward to!

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The weekend after our trip the mountains, we're planning a trip to the beach! Our friends own a beach home on Oak Island, NC, and we're looking forward to being able to spend a few days there. B has a three day break from school, so it'll be a super long weekend. We didn't get to go to the beach this summer, and it'll probably still be nice in October. We love the beach, and can't wait to dip our toes into the ocean. It'll Baby S' first trip to the beach!

RenFest- we always have a fabulous time at the Carolina Ren Fest. It's crowded, and expensive, but the food is good, the entertainment is fun, and the kids always have a blast. Select weekends in October have trick-or-treating for the kiddos, too!

Halloween Block Party- our neighborhood does Halloween up big time! We have a huge block party with a parade, costume contests, food, and trick-or-treating. Neighbors usually give out hundreds of dollars worth of candy to neighborhood kids each year- it's pretty impressive. We love our neighborhood and love the fun time we have for Halloween!

We usually travel a lot during the fall, and we can't wait to make some new memories as a family of four this year!

What are some places you like to visit during the fall season?

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