Turn up the volume on FUN with DreamWave Bubble Pod bluetooth speaker! #Review

Looking for the perfect portable bluetooth speaker to serve as the soundtrack to your summer? 

The DreamWave Bubble Pod is the ultra-light, compact, portable Bluetooth speaker you dream about. 

This 5W, best-in-class performance speaker features the following:

Can play up to 12 hours on a single charge
Has child and outdoor IPX5 protection against water, dust, and sand
Its 360-degree omnidirectional shape distributes sound completely and clearly.
Comes in four bright and playful colors. 
Is easily hooked to clothes, backpacks, and strollers with its durable D-ring hook loop.

Available in Baby Blue

We got the Jolly Green one, and it is AMAZING!!!

It is SO simple to use! My hubby had it out of the box and connected to the Bluetooth on his phone in less than 3 minutes!

While the plan for this speaker was for the kids by the pool, which they have used it there... my husband has officially kidnapped it, and this is HIS SPEAKER! It is so lightweight and cool looking, he takes it everywhere with him.
He uses it daily out on our porch to listen to music while the kids ride their bikes, he uses it while out back grilling, He hooks it on the knob on the kitchen cabinet while he is cooking,
he uses it while golfing, he connects it to a loop on his pants and walks around with it!!! He LOVES this speaker!!

They are made of a hard plastic with a rubberized cover that just makes them look cool! So not only do they sound amazing, they look amazing too! My hubby was also flabbergasted at the price tag being UNDER $40!


DreamWave Bubble Pod Bluetooth Speakers are available

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