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Summer break has been wonderful, but it's quickly coming to an end. My little guy is heading off to kindergarten in two weeks, and I feel like I am nowhere near ready for it. Not only am I emotionally sacked, we're still adjusting to life with an infant (for the second time) with B's baby sis. Trying to strike a balance while recovering from c-section surgery, lose some baby weight, adjust to life with two kids, and get organized for B's first year of elementary school has been just that- trying!

Summer has sort of flown by without our family feeling like we've had an actual vacation. We were on the road so much last year that the 'had to' trips cut into our family time together. We've talked about taking one last impromptu trip before school starts up, and we want to visit a fun city that's filled with history and fun activities for our five-year-old. We also need a trip that'll be baby friendly, now that we have Baby S! 

We love NYC- B has already been there four times (once this summer), but want to go somewhere a bit different. I am partial to New England, and would love to build a trip around some of those states. Just driving through and touring a few cities within a few days would be wonderful! I've actually been searching Groupon Things to Do to find some cool places to visit up north! Boston is definitely on my list. I've only been there once, and would love to go back again! Cape Cod is also on my must-visit list! One of these days, we might even make it to Niagra Falls! I think my kiddos would love Baltimore (hubby and I lived near there for a couple of years) and Washington, DC when they're both a little older.

I sort of have my heart set on a day spent in the markets, eating lots of yummy foods, catching a baseball game, and ending the day with a sunset cruise around the harbor. Maybe that's a trip I'll save to take when hubby and I can go without our little loves. Thankfully, we have lots of summers to travel together- I'd better get to planning some more trips!

Where are you dreaming of visiting with a great deal from Groupon?

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