Be Kind to Yourself

Hello friends! I'm writing this post feeling a little less than kind-not towards others, but towards myself.  You see, August is THE HARDEST month for me.  We have moved from the lazy days of summer with long mornings and endless days to structure, schedule, deadlines, book rental payments, new school EVERYTHING for my older two and myself, packed lunches-calm down, they aren't the cute lunches of the Pinterest mom, and on and on.  Oh, I didn't even go into the meetings, parent night preparation and execution, labels on everything, lesson plans, copies, new curriculum...
I officially threw myself into an anxiety attack!  Whew!

So you see how easy it is to fail at something or lots of things with the mile long demand list.  Oh geez, I forgot about the husband, too.  Thank God that he gives me grace and is so patient with me. 

My brain is filled with defeating thoughts and frustration and Monday is creeping up on me. I'm beating myself up for not having it all done with heels on and in full make-up.  Instead of focusing on all of the accomplishments I've achieved in the last month, I'm focusing on the few things that went wrong-a missed deadline, messy house, neglected husband.

 I need to show myself kindness when the list is running off of the page and I'm grabbing the caffeine to keep myself going, and so do YOU!

Great idea, but how?
1. Breathe.  Slow deep breaths to help focus your thoughts.
2. Forgive.  Grant yourself forgiveness for the few mistakes.  I give it to God.  I physically reach my arms up like I'm lifting the heaviness up to God. Matthew 11:29-30 "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." Remember to humble yourself and ask forgiveness from others if you need to.  I missed a deadline, so I have some humble-pie to eat.
3. Reflect.  Journal, text, talk about, blog, or jot down some positive things that you accomplished.  I rocked the first week of school with my Kindergartners.  My older two love their teachers and there were no tears. I drove down state for our second soccer tournament of the season back to back weekends.  I didn't snap at any of the kids even when my Jack, bless his heart, asked to have a friend spend the night next weekend. Is he crazy?!!? Can I have ONE weekend, please? 
4. Celebrate. Do something for yourself that makes you happy.  Paint your nails, take a long shower, listen to classical music, eat a Twinkie-just do something for you.
5. Good thoughts.  Lastly, change your mindset of negative, self-deprecating thoughts to positive, self-affirming thoughts.  This is the hardest but it can change not only your attitude but your whole outlook on life!

Clearly I am a work in progress, but I am choosing to show myself kindness so that I can show others kindness.  I hope that if you can relate to my nutty life that you choose to show yourself kindness, too! 

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