Slow Down: B's Preschool Graduation

Today is a big day for my little man. He's graduating from preschool, and having his big end of the year program. He and his classmates have been working so hard on their end of the year program, and I can't wait to see it. It's bound to be an emotional day. I am on post partum emotional overload right now, and his graduation ceremony will be one of my first trips out of the house since Baby S was born just one month ago.

These photos shared are from B's end of the year program last year, when he graduated from the 3-year-old preschool class. B is five now, and graduating from the 4/5 class, and will head off to kindergarten in the fall. All I can think about is how quickly my baby is growing up. Being pregnant last summer and the months that followed, I felt miserable and now I feel like I missed out on nine months of my son's life- time that I wish I could have back to spend with him, and only him. Our world is so different now that we have a sweet little baby girl in it. I have less time to devote solely to my son, and I sort of mourn the relationship we once had, as it has already changed.

Proud mommy with little man in May of 2015.

I know that there will be some tears tomorrow- mostly from me, but I will be so proud to see my little guy walk across the stage in his cap and gown to collect his diploma. B has come such a long way from the shy little guy who wouldn't leave mommy or daddy when he began preschool two years ago. Now he's an independent kid- way too grown up for his own good, and smart as can be. I love him so much, and wish I could just slow time down- just a little, so I could sit and hold him for a while, before he's a grown man and wanting to go out on his own into the world.

This special occasion reminded me of a song that Nichole Nordeman wrote. She performed 'Slow Down' live at my church in concert a few months ago. I was newly pregnant with Baby Sat the time, and when I heard her words, the tears just poured from my eyes. Every mother in the room was bawling their eyes out, actually. Ms. Nordeman actually just released a lyric video to go along with the song, and I invite you to click the video below to watch it- especially if you're a parent- it will pull at your heartstrings.

Don't you sometimes wish that time would just slow down?

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