365 Acts of Kindness

Happy Sunday to all of our MBP friends. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have been able to do something you enjoy. My family and I had a busy week that carried over in to the weekend, and today, we will be having a group of family and friends over to watch the Super Bowl. Everyone will be gathering to watch football, visit, laugh, see the fun commercials, and eat lots of delicious food.
MBP is on a mission this year to fulfill 365 Random Acts of Kindness, which involves doing something nice for someone, every day, for a full year. Ondria, Vanessa, Britt, and Jess have all been working hard, as I have to show some unexpected kindness and pass the love around and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.
Our Acts of Kindness from Last Week...
This week at S's school, we were given a permission slip form for a unique field trip. They had been given the chance to visit a local food pantry, learn about it, and then help bag up items to be given to people in need. What an amazing opportunity to teach a sweet group of 5 year olds what it means to give to others. In preparation for the outing, we talked about people who sometimes need an extra hand to feed themselves and their families and we also sent in a bag of food from our own pantry to donate. S was very excited to help out others and do a good deed. While it wasn't exactly random, it was a last minute field trip that really gave our kids the chance to help others.
For more ideas, please check out RandomActsofKindness.org
Have you been participating in Random Acts of Kindness? I challenge you to complete at least one and post it in the comments below.

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