Dress Your Little Ones in the Very Best: Two Crows for Joy + Adooka #Review + $40.00 GC #Giveaway

With the change in seasons coming upon us so quickly this year, I was definitely not as prepared as I have been in years past, as far as proper clothing goes for my child. A lot of things have changed for us since last fall, including B being in preschool three days a week. The chilly temperatures set in a bit earlier than they have in years past, and with B going through growth spurts every few weeks (or so it seems), I found myself without a good stash of cold weather clothing for him.

Now, there are a couple of things that I take into consideration when selecting clothing for my child. I don't want everything he wears to be a carbon copy of what every other child in town is wearing. B has skin sensitivities like his daddy, so we opt for 100% cotton, or organic cotton clothing, when we can find it. Since B is a growing boy, I need to find clothing that not only works with his build, but will give us extra room for him to grow into. A long list of demands for clothing, I know... and believe it or not, I found a children's clothing brand that allowed me to check all of them off!

I was super lucky to find Two Crows for Joy, featuring Adooka Organics. Two Crows for Joy is an organic children's clothing and gifts company, which features their very own brand of organic apparel- Adooka Organics. Two Crows for Joy is all about the little ones, who drive the owners desire to make and sell such special apparel and gifts. Two Crows for Joy is owner by Anne and Shannon. Anne is quite the accomplished woman, and launched Adooka in 2009. Anne met her friend and design partner, Shannon, while studying at Northwestern University. Both ladies have musical backgrounds, and when I inquired about working together on a feature story, they were pleased to find out that I had a very musical background, myself!

To learn more about Two Crows for Joy and Adooka, go here.

I was so excited to connect with Anne and Shannon, and was thrilled when they offered me the opportunity to select an outfit for B. There were so many adorable choices for organic boys clothing, that I spent a bit of time trying to make my decision. Two pieces really caught my attention, however, so I sent my selection to the ladies, and before I knew it, they had a Two Crows for Joy package delivered to my home.

Inside of our Two Crows for Joy/Adooka package, we found apparel, a care guide, and a personal message from the Adooka Organics team.

The garments that I selected were individually packaged, which I always appreciate. No one wants to risk damage to the clothing during shipping.

I also appreciated this note, which gave me a bit more info about the clothing, how it ought to fit, how to wash it and care for it, etc.

I laid the new Adooka clothing out so that B would see it when he returned home from school. He actually enjoys receiving new clothing, selecting his own clothing from time to time, and really loves dressing himself, like the big boy that he is. I hoped that he would love the items that I chose for him, keeping my must haves list handy, and keeping his personal style in mind.

First up, the Adooka Organics Bicycle Raglan Tee

About the Bicycle Raglan Tee

A red bicycle embroidery is emblazoned on the subtle gray and natural stripe of this super-soft organic cotton long-sleeve raglan tee. Coordinates well with our gray/navy reversible pant.

100% certified organic cotton
Made in the USA of imported fabric (fabric made in Canada)
Original retail price: $38

B loves his Adooka Organics Bicycle Raglan Tee!

The very first thing we noticed about the Bicycle Raglan tee, was how creamy soft it was! This, of course, is one of the many reasons why we love organic clothing- it's super duper soft! The shirt has a great shape to it, and we went with the 5, which was a great choice for B, who just turned four. B is tall, and broad, and often needs extra length in shirts and pants. There is plenty of room for him to grow further into this shirt, which makes us so happy! 

The embroidered bicycle design is *precious* in my eyes, and *cool* in B's eyes. I definitely made the right choice with this boy's tee. It's soft and cozy, super comfy, and gives B warmth and room to play and move around. We couldn't be happier with it!

Here's the seal that means it's real... 100% organic cotton, made in the USA. That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

I also selected the Adooka Organics Reversible Pant, because...

...they truly are reversible!

About the Adooka Organics Reversible Pant

The coziest of pants, and fully reversible. Gray with contrast navy stitching on one side, navy with gray stitching on the other. Both sides have front patch pockets, gray side has back patch pocket. Elastic waist. Mix and match with our raglan tees.

100% certified organic cotton
Made in the USA of imported fabric (fabric made in Canada)
Original retail price: $39

Out of all of the clothing that we have reviewed in the past, I have to say- these Reversible pants take the cake! They are so cool! They really are reversible- grey on one side, and navy on the other! These pants are so, so soft! I know that I said that about the shirt, but if you could imagine anything being softer than that tee, these pants are it! We also went with the 5 in these pants, and they are a perfect fit for B, both in the waist, and in the length. They are stretchy, loose, and total play and lounge pants. They're so wonderful that I wish I had a pair just like them, for myself! I would totally rock those!

Grey on one side- paired with the Bicycle Raglan Tee. Adorbs, right?

Then, turn the pants inside out, and they're navy... a brand new look!

This pair of pants is an amazing deal, because you are truly getting two pair of pants in one. These comfy boys pants are cozy and warm, and I feel great having B wear these to school, knowing that he'll be wearing them on the playground in the cooler weather. He'll be warm and toasty in these!

The raglan tee looks so cute with the reversible pants- whether B wears the navy side, or the grey side. I love that these pants give you more than you money's worth, and they're durable, too!

I was so happy that the ladies of Adooka at Two Crows for Joy sent me wash and care instructions. I have washed both of these pieces on cold, and have let them dry flat. We have not yet encountered any stains, but if and when we do, I will know how to let them soak overnight in an Oxi-Clean and detergent mix!

Two Crows for Joy/Adooka offers so many amazing products for children! 

Check out some of the other products we recommend...

Birds + flowers gown
Birds and Flowers Gown

Wheels Raglan Tee

Ruffled heart dress
Ruffled Heart Dress

Chevron Classic Action Baby Carrier

Shell - green giraffe
Green Girrafe Shell- Best Bottom Diapers

Any of the products available at Two Crows for Joy, with special emphasis on Adooka Organic apparel, would make such a special holiday gift! If you've never experienced organic cotton apparel with your kiddos, you're definitely missing out. There are so many reasons to try it out, or to continue adding new pieces to your collection.

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Two Crows for Joy to browse more wonderful Adooka Organic apparel, and wonderful gifts, and more! To stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Two Crows for Joy, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win a $40.00 gift code from Two Crows for Joy! What a generous holiday giveaway! What would you choose to purchase with that credit? This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the handy RC entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Anne and Shannon over at Two Crows for Joy/Adooka Organics, for outfitting B in this wonderful organic cotton boys outfit, and for offering this wonderful holiday giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


  1. Anne launched Adooka Organics in 2009

  2. started for 3 little people (kids)

  3. Wants to support American Workers and Manufactoring

  4. I learned that all of the products they don't manufacture themselves at their factory in PA are made in the USA, which is great.

  5. Adore adore adore the Tools romper.

  6. Actually, Knight + dragon romper is my favorite. They all are :)

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  8. I learned that they are very proud to support American workers and want to make the world a better place for children of today.

  9. I really like the wheels shirt for toddler boys.

  10. Love the hedgehog best bottom diapers.

  11. They they have their shop in the US

  12. Anne is a trained classical singer... I thought that was pretty neat!

  13. America needs to recapture its manufacturing, so that our children will have jobs and grow up in a prosperous country with ample opportunities.

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  15. Their brand brand, Adooka, is sewn with care by a small factory in Philadelphia owned and run by a mother-daughter team.

  16. I love the Birds + Flowers and the Twig Berries rompers.

  17. I love the bicycle tee, my son would love it too!

  18. I learned that Adooka is sewn in small factory in Philadelphia. I love that the company places importance on products being made in the USA.

  19. I learned that every single product that they carry is made in the USA.

  20. I like the Cadence by Action Baby Carriers.

  21. I learned that Anne, who started the company in 2009 is also a trained classical singer.

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  26. I love that it's made in America and they support local small businesses

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  29. I learned that the company supports American workers. I love that it is organic.

  30. I'm loving the Twig Berries rompers


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