Happy 1st Birthday Baby C! Once Upon A Party {Review}

Birthday party decorations are always an important part of my planning. I usually have a theme picked out months before the big day and spend those months finding the perfect décor and ideas to make it awesome. With Baby C's party, using a rainbow theme brought me so many choices of what we could do and I was so excited to get started.
Ondria sent me some information about someone we had worked with previously and featured on MBP. They had closed their Etsy shop for a time and had recently reopened and ready for some new business. I contacted her right away about working together for something for C's party. She was quick to respond and up for the challenge of creating something for the Rainbow themed party.

We communicated back and forth and got all the information where it needed to be, I couldn't wait to see it and have some cute decorations for C's party. Here is a link to the products Ondria reviewed back in 2012.

**Please note, as of blog publishing, this Etsy Shop has closed again.**

Once Upon A Party was opened by a mom, Allison, who originally began creating and selling on Etsy in late 2010. She had many cute items available in her shop and was willing to make anything we asked. I am sorry to see she is not currently creating, because when you see her products, you will know there is talent and quality in her designs and creations.

Allison sent us a package!
 "What could it be?"
 "Rainbow things for C's party!"
 Everything was shipped safely inside the box, Allison took extra care to make sure nothing got smashed or bent during shipping and delivery, thanks Allison!

After pulling everything out of the box we came across two items. The first item was a small party sign in the rainbow theme. With a scalloped red outer edge, a thin orange circle topped with a large yellow circle, and decorate with green, blue, and purple, the complete rainbow is there, even with the ribbons. I love that Allison took the time to make it so complete and on the theme.
 There was also a three piece birthday banner. I was envisioning something smaller and one piece, so I was absolutely thrilled to see this. It was bright, colorful, perfect to our rainbow theme, and it was very, very well made. Each piece was die-cut, large scalloped outer circles with white inner circles, and die-cut letters in rainbow colors. Allison took tons of time to make sure everything was straight and even. Each tag was connected with coordinating ribbon and each end had a sweet little rainbow addition to it. I was really impressed and couldn't wait to hang it up.
 All hung up and ready to go. Our mantle made the perfect spot for the banner to fit. It hung up very well and stayed put. It was a great area to gather all her presents under too.
 We used the party sign right on the front door. It was a cute little addition to the balloons outside and welcomed everyone in.
I really appreciated the time and effort that went in to making these beautiful decorations for C's Rainbow party. They were exactly what we were looking for to add to the celebration.
Want It? Buy It!
**Please note, as of blog publishing, this Etsy Shop has closed again.**
We wish Allison the best and look forward to her shop being open in the future.
Thanks to Allison and Once Upon A Party!


  1. Too bad her shop is not open. She really does have some talent.

  2. Wow, I'm sorry her shop is closed. She was very talented!


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