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After living in my current home for four years (I can't believe it's already been that long!), I'm not surprised that I am feeling the itch to rearrange, and perhaps even redesign. We live in a craftsman style bungalow, and I love its charm and character, but when it comes to wanting a fresh, modern design in an older home, it's sometimes best to consult a professional for guidance. I don't have big bucks to spend on consultations, or contracting an interior designer, which is why I'm glad to have found Roomations.

Check out this awesome before and after photo of this living room, re-designed by Roomations!

Roomations is an awesome website, which gives you the opportunity to find out what your personal style is, as well as receive expert advice on style for your home. I headed to the Roomations website to take their style quiz. I was intrigued as to whether or not the results would reflect my true personal taste. I answered a few questions, which really just involved me selecting design photos that I preferred- you know, This one, or this one? After a series of photos, I entered in my e-mail address, so I could see my results, which were Hand-Crafted Comfort. Ding, ding, ding! Spot on, Roomations! Not only did they match my style with the result, and photo suggestions, the name of my design style truly matches the structural design of my home!

My style result- Hand-Crafted Comfort

My Style: You embrace spaces that are comfortable and inviting, often featuring hand-made items with textures that are not just appealing to the eye, but that feel good to the touch.

After your personal style is revealed, you can take the design process a step further, by signing up for a Roomations monthly subscription. This will connect you with a designer, and allow you to receive news and updates on the latest design trends. Not only can you receive personal design style tips and ideas through Roomations, if you have an iPhone, you can actually upload a photo of any room in your home, and watch it be transformed by Roomations designers! Style suggestions at your fingertips, plus- Roomations can even recommend furniture selections from your favorite retailers! How neat is that? Redecorating has never been easier or more convenient! 

I really want to redesign our living room, and I can't wait to see what the design experts at Roomations suggest for a subtle, fresh change. I can't wait to bring more cottage charm into my home!

Check It Out!

Want to learn more about Roomations, or take your style quiz? Head on over to Roomations to get started! MBP readers can use the code ROOM30 to receive 30% off of any Roomations design package!

Happy designing!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Roomations, written by me. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

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