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One thing that parents worry about during summer vacation, is whether or not their kids will forget some of the things they've learned in school the previous year. No parent wants their child to spend weeks on a big break from education. My child is not yet school age, but he's Pre-K age, and you'd better believe that we take advantage of being able to teach him and challenge his little mind, whenever possible. I was given the opportunity to check out a cool, free site for educators, parents and students, which offers lots of fun, challenging and engaging online games to keep those wheels turning all year long.

PowerMyLearning offers age appropriate games and activities for kids, grades K-12. The activities are broken into four different age groups: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. My little guy isn't starting kindergarten yet, but that didn't stop the two of us from exploring some of the K-2 games and activities. With fun categories like Art & Music, Language Arts, Technology, Math, Your Life, Social Studies, and more, I knew we would find some interesting things to see and try out.

Here's one of the fun Crayola creations we made together!

We spent a lot of time in the Arts & Music category, exploring different ways to draw and color, make colorful kaleidescopes, and more! Balian's favorite activities were the draw with Crayola activity, where you're given a blank canvas on screen, and then you're able to select your favorite Crayola coloring/writing instrument (marker, crayon, marker, colored pencil, stamp marker, twistable, etc), and then select the color you want from the giant color wheel. After the creation is complete, you can save it, or even print it out! I love that this is mess-free, and it's something that Balian can do, wherever we are when we have access to PowerMyLearning!

Virtual Kaleidescope

We also enjoyed playing with the Virtual Kaleidescope, where we were able to choose colors and add them to a black background. The kaleidescope then appeared on the right side of the screen, and we could see it change, right before our eyes! We did this activity for a very long time, and have done it many times since I first showed it to B.

Virtual Instrument Museum- World Music

Balian absolutely loves music, so I was not at all surprised that he wanted to check out the Virual Instrument Museum, to learn about instruments from all over the world! He loves being able to see and hear all of the different types of drums and stringed instruents, and couldn't wait to tell daddy, and his papa, who are both musicians, all of the new instruments we learned about!

Solar System

We even started learning about the Solar System, which Balian thought was out of this world awesome! He loves rocket ships, stars and space, so hubby and I thought that this would be a wonderful teaching tool for us! We explored all of the planets, and Balian has even been asking about them off and on, after we've put the computer away for the evening.

As a parent, I am very thankful to have such wonderful learning games and activities at our disposal. PowerMyLearning is a site that we can visit again and again, as Balian grows. There will always be new activities to help him explore, and challenge his thinking skills. From counting to physics and learning new languages, we may have him prepped for college before he starts high school... a parent can hope, right?

Want It? Try It!

This is a wonderful tool for educators, for parents, and teachers. We give PowerMyLearning two thumbs up, and encourage you to check it out with your kids, grandkids, students, etc! I mentioned that this is free, right? Simply register for a free account on the PowerMyLearning website, and you'll be on your way to discovering awesome activities the whole family will want to explore together.

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We can't wait to hear what you think! Go give it a try and then leave us some feedback!

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